Wine Faults – Detecting aromas in faulty wine

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In this video we take a look at common wine faults, of which there are many. Some of the common ones are:

Acetaldehyde Smell of roasted nuts or dried out straw.

Amyl-acetate Smell of “fake” candy banana flavoring

Brettanomyces Smell of barnyards, fecal and gamey horse aromas

Cork taint Smell of a damp basement, wet cardboard or

Ethyl acetate Smell of vinegar, paint thinner and nail polish remover

Hydrogen sulfide Smell of rotten eggs or garlic that has gone bad

Oxidation Smell of cooked fruit and walnuts. Also detectable visually by premature browning or yellowing of the wine

Sulfur dioxide Smell of burnt matches. Can also come across as a pricking sensation in the nose.

The Chicago Beer Riot

In the mid 1800s, America had many worries, not only were the southern states threatening secession but there were very severe strains between more recently arrived German and Irish immigrants an those whose parents and grandparents immigrated from Europe earlier. Those who most feared that the country was being taken over by so many immigrants gravitated towards to a group that called itself the “American Party”.

The State of Beer Today

Before the Eighteenth Amendment (prohibition) was ratified in 1919 thousands of breweries in the U.S. successfully brewed beer. Most was much heavier than the beer we drink today. With the onset of prohibition many of these breweries shut down as their markets ceased to exist.

Beer Capitals of the World

Every town that has a brewery claims the title “Beer Capital of the World.” There are so many locations claiming to be “beer capitals” they can’t all be right. Can they?

Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie ’07

Here is a long story short! As we have said before, we lived in Hawaii for ten years, we to this day still get water withdrawals. What that means is once or twice a month we get in the Mini and head for the coast. This weekend we ended up at one of our favorite places, Carmel. Actually we started in Carmel, went through Pacific Grove and ended up at the Wharf in Monterey. Honestly we usually go to Fisherman’s Old Grotto…it is probably one of our favorites restaurants on the Wharf because of the “AWESOME” clam chowder. We decided we would like to sit outside. So we headed to Isabella’s and sat outside on the second floor over looking the harbor. OK Now to the Point…..

What Are Hops?

Hops are something I have heard about on beer commercials and going to breweries. Feeling like I didn’t know much about them, I usually didn’t ask too much about them.

Hosting a Wine and Cheese Tasting Party

Wine and cheese make a wonderful combination. A wine and cheese party is a great way to bring friends and relatives together, or makes a special birthday or wedding party. They are relatively simple to host and prepare for, requiring little work for even those who don’t know much about wine.

Paso Robles, CA Winery – Visit Eberle

We step out our hotel room and walk around the corner and into the main lobby. There waiting for us was our tour guide “John” from The Wine Wrangler Tours. John says” it’s your lucky day”…..”Normally I have a van full of people, but today its just you two”. So it really was a private tour, we were thrilled. Noisy buses can be fun during wine tours but we needed a break, so this was a welcome surprise.

Just Discovered That There is a World Beer Awards

Now I enjoy a nice cold beer as much as the next man but I never thought that there is such a thing as a World Beer Awards. I always thought that there is beer and there is lager but there were over 50 different types in the awards run in conjunction with Beers Of The World magazine.

Wine, Alcohol and Health

According to Patrick McGovern from the University of Pennsylvania, wine is the oldest alcoholic drink known to man, with origins in the Neolithic age. However, grape domestication and wine culture began later on. There is still an open question whether wine was first produced for its taste or for religious purposes.

Paso Robles, CA Winery – Visit Bianchi

We jumped back in the van and headed to the next winery. We took a left on Highway 46E and passed a few other wineries including Meridian. Not much further down the road was Branch road, we turned right, traveled a little further and turned left into the Bianchi Winery. My first impression was what a great lay out. The two buildings on the property were both so nice, that if we had not had a tour guide we might have went to the wrong building. This was evident by 6 young ladies who got there at the same time as us. It seems they were already pretty happy with how their wine tasting was going that day and headed to the winery building. Our tour guide headed us in the right direction “…” towards the tasting room.

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