Wine Education – WSET Level 2 – Course Guide

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In this video I take you through WSET Level 2 helping you understand what to expect if you are thinking about taking the course

For individuals seeking a core understanding of wines, this qualification explores the major grape varieties and important wine regions in which they are grown. You’ll learn about the styles of wines produced from these grapes as well as key classifications and labelling terminology. A basic overview of the key categories of spirits and liqueurs will also be provided.

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The World Atlas of Wine –
Wine Folly –
The Oxford Companion to Wine –

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A Unique Wine Accessory Gift Set is a Special Gift

Want to make a wine lover happy? Then gifting him with a wine accessory gift set would be an ideal gift with all sorts of bottle openers and bottle stoppers in them.

What is Beer? Beer Basics For the Curious

Beer is a very complex beverage. This is a basic introduction that will help anyone understand beer, and make informed decisions about it.

4 Vines Tasting Room and Winery Visit

This was our final stop on our Paso Robles wine region trip that led us to none other than 4 Vines Winery right on Highway 46 in Templeton, Ca. We had experienced high end, family run, and commercial style wineries, so the laid back sort of cool atmosphere was a fun way to conclude our tasting tour…

The Art of Choosing Wine

At present, the wine though not ceased to be a symbol of a good feast, genuine hospitality and exquisite taste, but no longer plays a decisive role in the evaluation of you as the owner. Most of us have their own preferences on the main characteristics of this drink, sometimes even your favorite manufacturer or their own homemade wine, if you know of course how to make wine. However, even in our time, the choice of wine is an art.

How to Select the Best Wine For a Meal

It is really hard to deny the fact that wine is a wonderful accompaniment to almost any meal. Today many people actually enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, but unfortunately there are many of those who are really not well aware of how to select a wine for their meal. Learn here few important tips that may help you on selecting best wine for a meal.

Popular Types of Beer Glasses

How often do you pay any attention to the glass beer mug you drink your beer from? If you think about it at all it’s probably just to check that nothing is growing in the bottom of the glass and that there isn’t any visible dirt sticking anywhere. After all, as one who home brews their own beer, the focus is on the suds and not on the glass.

Jamaica is the Place For Rum

If you like award winning rum, Jamaica is the place to get it. Not to say that other Caribbean rums aren’t really good, there are many great types of rum in the islands.

Wine Tasting Invitation Cards For Your Party

Sending out your wine tasting invitations will set the tone for your event. Be sure to tackle it with care and forethought. Read on to discover more tips.

How to Choose Your Right Wine For Your Perfect Meal

It is known that wine is an important beverage for numerous European and Mediterranean-style cuisines, from the simple and traditional to the most complex and modern. That is why it is complicated for you to choose the right wine as a great accompaniment for your meal since it sometimes can break the taste of meal.

5 Tips For Making Your Wine Last – Storing Wine

Storing wine properly is absolutely critical for making sure your wine doesn’t spoil. There is nothing worse than opening a bottle of your expensive special-occasion wine only to find that it smells like wet cardboard (a sure sign that it has gone bad). Follow these five basic wine storing steps to protect and maximize the shelf life of your wine.

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