WINE DOCUMENTARIES – Five suggestions to enjoy.

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In this video I talk about some of the Wine Documentaries I have enjoyed

These can all be found on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Prime or can be purchased on DVD or Blu Ray.

You will also find trailers on YouTube

Mondovino 2004 – The film explores the impact of globalization on the various wine-producing regions, and the influence of critics like Robert Parker and consultants like Michel Rolland in defining an international style. It pits the ambitions of large, multinational wine producers, in particular Robert Mondavi, against the small, single estate wineries who have traditionally boasted wines with individual character driven by their terroir.

Sour Grapes 2016 – American crime documentary about wine fraudster Rudy Kurniawan, a rich Indonesian wine-collector with an interest for wine and specifically Burgundy, who spent millions of dollars on wine and sold them. Acker Merrall & Condit, an auction company, broke records by selling $35 million-worth of Kurniawan’s wines in 2006.

Red Obsession 2013 – takes the audience on a journey from Bordeaux to China, where winemakers, wine critics and wine lovers, are interviewed. The trends of the wine industry are also examined, with occasional narration provided by Russell Crowe

Somm 2012 – following the attempts of four candidates to pass the extremely difficult Master Sommelier examination, a test with one of the lowest pass rates in the world. Briefly touching on the history of wine and the existence of the prestigious Master Sommelier exam.

Somm Into The Bottle 2016 – goes on a globe-trotting adventure to answer the question “What is wine and why does it matter.” The film is organized in 10 mini-stories that each explore a different fundamental facet of wine from the cellar to the table. It’s through these stories–told by charismatic wine communicators–that you begin to paint the picture of what wine really is.

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Choosing Wine For Your Christmas Office Party

It’s extremely important this year for businesses to arrange Christmas parties for their staff. After a hard year of recession where everyone is feeling the pinch it’s important to have a party to increase staff morale and congratulate everyone on their hard work throughout the year.

Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot 101 – Better Know Your Wines

In this article we take a closer look at two of the most popular types of wine: Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot. Do you know which foods pair best with these two wines? You will after reading this helpful article.

How to Determine What is a Good Wine?

When someone says that they like a particular wine because it is good, what do they mean by that? Well, most of the time, a good wine is simply just a wine they enjoy the most. It is as simple as that however; there are some standards that wine experts agree upon to decide whether a wine is good or not. These standards involve concepts such as balance, length, depth, and complexity.

How to Order Wine Without the Worry of Looking Like a Novice

Enjoying a quality bottle of wine is an essential part of experiencing a fantastic meal out with family and friends. However, for a lot of people this can be an intimidating experience because they feel they lack a basic knowledge needed to make an informed choice of which wine to choose.

Wine Storage – Should You Store Your Wine at Home?

Whether you have a wine cellar, use wine storage services, or buy a wine storage refrigerator, it is important to protect your investment and keep your wine at the right temperature and keep light away from it. The best place to do more research is the Internet where you will find many useful websites to help you make your decision.

Countertop Wine Refrigerator – Tips on Buying

The perfect addition to the home of any wine enthusiast is a countertop wine refrigerator or chiller. These terrific appliances offer any wine lover the convenience of being able to store their favorite wines at ideal temperatures, without having to build a whole wine cellar or sacrifice a lot of space. They fit on counters and can even be as small as a standard sized microwave.

What is Wine?

Explanatory article about Wine. Where it comes from, and how it’s produced.

Wine Refrigerator Reviews – What to Look For

If you are tired of having your wine bottles sit out at room temperature, or get too chilled in the fridge, you are probably in the market for a wine fridge or cooler. There are many of them on the market, in different styles and price ranges, and choosing the best one for your home can be tough. Finding wine refrigerator reviews to read can be a big help.

The Best Wine Cooling Unit For You

The more your love for wine grows, the more unacceptable it becomes to store it at room temperature. Equally unacceptable is storing your bottles in the refrigerator. Many people choose to purchase a wine cooling unit.

Wine Labels – How to Read a Wine Label Properly

A wine label can be a scary prospect when faced with this task. To the uninitiated it may appear a complicated group of words and numbers. Being able to read a wine label will give you a lot of information on the wine. It can be very valuable and add to your enjoyment of the wine if you know how to interpret the label. So, here is how to read a wine label.

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