Wine Course – How to Open Wine

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How to open a bottle of wine? A “waiter’s friend” or “wine key” is the best darn corkscrew in the world! Madeline shows you step by step on how to use a classic corkscrew to open your wine like a pro.

The Best Soil Types to Grow Grapes

The history of wine making and growing grapes is as old as mankind. This old tradition was seen in civilizations all over the world. With today’s society, this has become an enjoyable custom and is well worth the time and effort.

The Perfect Procedure To Produce The Perfect Wine

This article contains information on producing grape wine. The article gives a brief overview of how grape wine is made at home.

Why Should You Opt For A Wine Club Membership?

Obtaining a wine club membership could be one of the best things to do if you wish to indulge in premium and rare brands of wine. Besides, memberships in wine clubs have also become popular gifts for various occasions as well.

Try Those Frosty Winter Ales

The holidays are the ideal time to kick back, relax and appreciate those cold winter nights, and what better way to add some warmth than with some frosty winter ales! A great winter ale ought to be malty, warming, rich in texture, complete in physique, and be propped up by spicy hops. You can get yours as quickly as the chill sets in, simply because they’re usually available for sale by early to mid-November each year.

What Comes With A Dom Perignon Champagne Gift Set?

If you are planning to give someone this Christmas or New Year a Dom Perignon Champagne Gift Set it may also be a good idea to present them with some other items. Why not include a champagne cork catcher as well. This small device will not only protect your home but others around you as the bottle is opened. So of course they will still enjoy the sound as the bottle is opened of it “popping”.

In Time for the Holiday Parties, the Ice Wine Cometh

The Holidays are here and so is old man winter. While we are dealing with icy conditions on the outside, it would be fun to celebrate the Holidays with some ice on the inside – Ice Wine that is. Let’s explore this rich and luscious nectar.

How to Find the Best Wine Storage Company?

If you are fan of wine and enjoy drinking it, then you should brush up on your proper wine storage skills as this will have a direct impact on the longevity, taste and quality of your wine. If you feel unable to commit to this particularly demanding aspect of wine collection (whether due to time constraints or financial limitations) then you can always rely upon the services of a professional wine storage company. However, it is imperative that in the process of delegating the responsibility of our wine collection to an outside company, we do not completely abdicate any semblance…

Top 5 Beers to Try This Christmas

Whether you’re entertaining or just pleasing yourself this year, we have one message and one message alone – don’t skimp on quality. Great for treating yourself, or to impress any friends and family that might be staying over, here are five beers to look for suitable for a special occasion.

Easy Steps to Becoming a Wine Connoisseur

There are many roads one could follow to become a wine connoisseur. There are many books available to help you. When it comes to being a wine connoisseur, it is completely up to you.

Wine Taste Shopping – Discovering the Best of Wines When Knowing What to Look For

Wine shopping today has certainly changed a lot. With supermarket chains and alcohol conglomerates moving into this field, the rise of cellar doors and many new wine regions and numerous technological alternatives, today wine lovers have multitude of choices available. So now which are the best of wines when screening all the choices available to you? We are putting together our favorite picks to answer that age old question-where can I shop for wine?

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