Wine Corks, Screw-Tops, and Boxes – What’s the Difference?

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*I may earn commissions, including Amazon affiliate commissions, from links on this site. Expert sommelier and wine educator Marnie Old explains the difference between wine bottles with corks and screw-tops and boxed wine. Find out which packaging methods work best for fine, aged wines and which are better for modestly priced wines. Which method do you think keeps your wine fresher for longer?

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Organic Wine – What is It?

Organic Wines-What is it? Grape Growing and Wine Making with Biodynamic Practices Dating back to its origins, winemaking used to be a totally organic process. Today, in order for a wine to be called ‘organic’ it must be made from grapes that have been grown under biodynamic conditions, and it must not have any added sulfites.

Easiest Homemade Wine – Making Your Own Wine Effortlessly

Making homemade wine is easier than people think. There is a basic method and a more advanced method. While the advanced method will produce better tasting wine, it is also for the more experienced winemaker and covers advanced techniques like different acid levels, etc.

Drinking Wine During Bad Times

A great many people would deem enjoying wine – one of life’s great pleasures – a luxury. Thus, in these trying times, a thing to mark off one’s budget. But wine, one of life’s great pleasures, can still be enjoyed. There are plenty of affordable wines made the world over. It is true that one may not be able to imbibe the more celebrated (read: expensive) wines of France, Italy, or otherwise; but foregoing wine altogether? Especially in these trying times? No, no, says I.

Using a Trellis to Train Your Grape Vines

One of the key ingredients to success in growing your vineyard is training the grapes to grow on a trellis. As grape clusters grow big and ripen they become relatively heavy by comparison to the branches supporting them. The grape trellis helps support the weight of the fruit and protect the vine. For more great tips on using a trellis to train your vines, read on…

Making the Most of Your Wine Tasting Experience

You are interested in learning about wine tasting. You have many friends who have raved about different wines. Where do you start? Quite simply, you start with the first glass.

A Wine Tour is a Great Way to Learn All About Wine!

So you’re new to wine tasting! Why not consider going on a wine tour?

Look at Cheap Shot Glasses – Leaving Behind High Rated Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are versatile drink ware. Why do I say this? This is because you can not only use it for drinks, but it can very well be turned into decoration items. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn a normal looking shot glass and use it as a decor item to bring new life to your living spaces.

Alcohol Training – Understanding Various Programs and Their Offerings

Every state in the U.S. has different requirements for alcohol training within the service industry. Some states have their own mandated programs that are offered through the state government, while others give employers the option of training employees through state or private programs, depending on the rules and regulations of each state.

Wasting Yourself in Your 20’s

There is an immortal, unkillable, invulnerable sense that people have when they are young. Our species developed this way so that we could survive and make it through our child bearing years with a full and powerful adrenal gland. Back off. Care for yourself. Eventually, you will be 30.

BYO Wine – Bringing Wine to a Restaurant

Wine lovers have long since appreciated being able to bring their own wine “BYO” to a restaurant that has a corkage policy. That means that a place (normally for a fee) will allow a patron to bring their own wine to open with their meal. Mention this to non wine lovers and they give you that “really?” look. I then try to explain why this type of policy (bringing wine) makes sense for both the restaurant and the diner – in most cases.

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