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I’m drinking Agiorgitiko to celebrate this awesome honor from International Wine and Spirit Competition. See why I won here:

Why Wine Bottles Have A Punt

If you look at wine bottles, you will notice a little depression at the bottom end of each bottle. It varies in depth depending on bottle types, and you may be wondering what purpose this little dent on a wine bottle serves. This depression is what is commonly called a punt.

Wine Bar Furniture Advice

Wine Bar Furniture is a great thing to consider when redecorating your home, cellar or restaurant. Not only is wine bar furniture classy, its also timeless meaning the style never gets old. Learn more about wine bar furniture here today.

The Benefits of Drinking Wine

Certainly one of the most arguable concerns is whether or not drinking of wine is beneficial for health. The answer is both yes and no.

Five Wines to Drink Instead of Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon could be said to be the grandfather of all black grapes. It is certainly one of the most consumed and lauded grapes and as a main component of the blend in Bordeaux, is also one of the most sought after and expensive. Cabernet Sauvignon is wonderfully versatile and will grow in many regions around the world.

Wine Bottle Holder Advice

Wine bottle holders come in a range of shapes and sizes. Learn about the different types of wine bottle holders and which ones are right for you in this article…

The Different Types of Red Wine

Few subjects are as great and intoxicating as wines. There are several methods to classify wines, but the simplest would be to begin off by type.

Storing Wine Cheaply

If you enjoy wine chances are you have a few bottles at home waiting to be opened. The more bottles you have the longer some of them will sit unopened. There are ways to preserve your wine to ensure that they last longer but that can come along with a hefty price tag. You may be able to find wine storage places in your town but that can become pricey and inconvenient if you want a bottle of wine and didn’t plan it in advance. Wine storage locations are more for a wine collector with expensive bottles of wine that will only be drunk on certain occasions.

Some of My Favorite Types of Beer

This article will highlight some of my favorite types of beers at the moment. Hopefully it will help you on your quest to do the same.

Wine Making at Home Step by Step – Make Your Own Wine at Home

Wine making at home step by step. Exact step by step instructions for making wine at home including where to get the supplies and the fruit.

Painted Wine Glasses – What’s the Big Deal?

Painted wine glasses have been around since the seventeenth century, so why are they suddenly back in fashion again? This article highlights why people buy personalized painted wine glasses.

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