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In this video I take a look at two new apps to market which offer something really special

True Wine –

Yes We Wine –

True Wine
For $3.99/month, users get access to all of True Wine’s features:
– Explore an interactive wine region map with over 1500 regions. See varietals, climate, and soil composition for wine regions around the world.
– Search regions by climate, varietal, soil type (or a combination using a + between search terms).
– Look up specific wines to see pH, residual sugar, and alcohol % (beta).
– Find notable wine producers around the world. See whether a brand belongs to a corporation like E&J Gallo or Constellation Brands (beta).

Yes We Wine
Allows you to:
– Compare your tasting to other users, estates or vintages
– Filter and analyse all your tastings thanks to our search engine
– Create masterclass and retrieve guests feedbacks
YES WE WINE is intended to be communal, easy to use and will save you time in taking notes, sharing and comparing tastings.

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Buy Red Wine Via Online

If you are an avid red wine drinker or you just want to have a steady supply of red wine in your home, then you might have some problems with the convenience of wine purchasing…especially when an unexpected guest shows up and you had to run to the grocery or to the wine store just to buy red wine and serve some good old grape goodness.

How to Assess the Quality of Very Young Vintage Port

Vintage Port is the best Port wine made, and is only made in the greatest of years. Many decades it will only be produced by the best Port Houses perhaps 3 times. Traditionally it’s not even ready to drink for 20 or more years from when it’s bottled!

10 Awesome Benefits of Drinking Beer

Do your friends speak that you drink too much? Tell them to thrust it – you’re defending yourself against Atherosclerosis and 9 other diseases! We know that each and every thing in this universe has two aspects – positive and negative. So, why to consider only negative aspects? Have a look at the following advantages of drinking Beer.

Hanging Wine Glass Rack For Your Home

Well, we all love to drink wine on several festive occasions. It makes us feel on top of the world! Wine is considered to be one of the best drinking beverages worldwide. It is consumed on different occasions due to its health and medicinal value. I would like to tell you that in some parts of the world it has a traditional value as well.

Cheap Wine Glass – Find Out About the Best Offers

In order to purchase wine glasses in bulk you must surely look for a deal that can provide you the goblets at cheap rates. Big hotels and catering companies often need glasses in bulk because they have to organize numerous social events and parties for their clients. For five star hotels and resorts, quality plays an important role than affordability while choosing wine glasses. They usually order custom made goblets in bulk so that they can full fill all the needs and requirements of their clients.

Understanding the Health Benefits of Moderate Red Wine Consumption

We’ve all heard a lot about the French Paradox and the health benefits of moderate consumption of red wine. But what is it in red wine that makes it healthy, and why not white wine or other alcoholic drinks for that matter?

Try Some South African Wine While Watching World Cup

The world’s attention is shifting to South Africa, the host country for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer Championship. Soccer is widely regarded as the most popular international sport, so the games played from June 11 – July 11 will be watched by scores of fervent football (called soccer in the US) fanatics throughout the world.

The Diversity of Temecula Wine Country

Where is the Temecula Valley and why is the microclimate that is so ideal for producing such a wide variety of grapes? Normally a wine producing region is ideal for only one or two varietals, even though they may be good for several more. This little valley is able to provide ideal growing conditions for the entire range of grapes, from cool weather varietals to Mediterranean varietals.

How to Choose a Champagne Glass

Champagne is one of those drinks that cannot be served in any old glass, and there are a few simple guidelines for choosing the right type of champagne glass. To enjoy the perfect glass of champagne, the shape of the class is important, not only for appearance’s sake but also to release the aroma and the flavor of the drink correctly.

Wine Glasses Basic Overview

Ancient civilizations paid homage to Bacchus, Dionysus, Geshtinanna, Spenta Armaiti, Renenutet, and other gods and goddesses of wine. Many passages of the mankind history talk about the importance that alcoholic spirits has had for different cultures around the world.

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