Wine Apps – My top three apps for wine lovers

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In this video I review my favourite three wine apps that I use on a daily basis

WSET – This app allows me to store all the wines I have tasted and rated

Vivino – This app allows me to get reviews from other users and to take photos of wine bottles for instant information on price and feedback from others

The Wine Society – Huge selection of wines from around the world and really useful glossary and matching guides

All three are free and available on iOS and Android

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Links to the Wine books I use for studying: –
The World Atlas of Wine –
Wine Folly –
The Oxford Companion to Wine –

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Everything About the Martini

The word Martini conjures up different images to different people. Some people think of a stemmed glass containing clear liquid garnished with an olive, while others picture and exotic sweet drink like an appletini or a lemon drop. No matter what martini you prefer it is best to make the drink your own.

Where Can I Find the Best Martini?

Everyone has their own martini preference. With that in mind we still went on a search to find the best martini of 2009. Our first stop is in Puerto Vallarta. We just happened to stop in a little bar near the beach on the south side of EL Centro.

Wine Coolers – A Shopping Guide For New Wine Collectors

There are many models of wine coolers available on the market with different bottle capacities and features. You will want to make sure that your wine is maintained at the right temperature and humidity, of course, but you may be uncertain what else you should be thinking about before making your purchase.

Save Yourself Money by Brewing Your Own Beer!

How much are you paying for your beer at the moment? However much it is I would be willing to bet that it is not as cheap as 30 cents a bottle, am I right? Of course I’m right because it is impossible in this day and age to buy beer from a bar or store for this price. That is why if you are looking to save yourself on the run up to Christmas or just need to reduce your beer expenditure then I highly recommend you seriously consider brewing your own beer as a means of cutting every day costs.

Giving a Personalized Wine Gift Set

Giving a wine lover their own personalized wine gift set is a brilliant idea as they will use and enjoy the various items over and over again every time they drink their wine. When considering this gift option the only problem is that the choices are seemingly endless. The sheer number of various items that could be included is quite mind boggling. Then of course the cost of including everything you would like to may be a deterrent also.

High End Wine Cabinets – A Look at Marvel and Vinotheque

As with any other home purchase, wine cabinets can range from economical to extravagant. Though there are several manufacturers of these cabinets, two stand out for their exceptional and unique quality – Marvel and Vinotheque. Both produce a high-end cabinet, but each carries a unique style.

Selecting a Wine Bottle Cooler

There are many types of wine bottle coolers manufactured. Some of these coolers are very small and will only hold a few bottles of wine. Other types of wine bottle coolers are made to accommodate hundreds of bottles of wine. When selecting a cooler, it is important to think about some important steps to successfully storing wine.

How to Hold a Wine Tasting Party

Holding a wine tasting party can be a really great way to gather all your friends in one place to have fun with an activity that is becoming more and more popular. The tasting of wine is something done both for enjoyment and also as a profession. Whether you do it purely for enjoyment or whether you are a professional wine taster, the learning opportunities help to make it even more enjoyable.

How Yeast Works

If you are going to be a bread baker, you should know yeast. Yeast is the magic ingredient of the baking world. It’s alive and master bakers have learned to cultivate yeast as a living thing in their bread and pastry doughs. In this section we will explore the different types of yeast and learn how to cultivate yeast in our products to make the best breads. Our grandparents used-and many commercial bakers still use-fresh yeast rather than the dry yeast that we buy in the…

Wine Making Recipes – The Good Life Begins at Home With Our First Easy Homemade Wine Recipe

One of the most open and giving communities on the web, is that of home winemaking. It may seem like a contradiction to use the words “Home” and “Fine Wine” in the same sentence, but there have been, and will continue to be, award winning wines created with tools and equipment you probably already have in your house. The following easy homemade wine making recipe will hopefully give you the confidence to try your hand at this rewarding, fun and delicious past time.

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