Wine Advent Calendar of France (in 12 Bottles)

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If you’ve been looking to learn more about the wines of France, this is your jam. Get the delicious French Wines Advent Calendar →

Madeline Puckette from Wine Folly and Master of Wine Vanessa Conlin from Wine Access worked together to curate this offer. This year, the 2020 wine advent calendar features the must-haves and must-knows of French wine including Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne.

It’s a perfect set to up your knowledge of all things France while tasting delicious wines.

*What You’ll Get*
– Access to wine 12-pack with purchase discount
– Follow up videos with MW Vanessa Conlin exploring each wine
– Useful offers and educational material on the wines of France
– The Wine Folly weekly newsletter

*More About The Offer*
In the last video episode about French wine, we built an imaginary case of wine. Each bottle in the case explored a different region in France and a different wine specialty.

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For example: if you love Syrah, it’s kind of a right-of-passage to try one from the Northern Rhône because this area is hailed as the original home of this variety.

You asked for us to make the wine advent calendar real, so we reached out to Wine Access to help deliver the goods. It’s finally here!

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