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Wine 101 For The Connoisseur-To-Be

Just getting started in your education on fine wines? Here is some Wine 101 for beginning your adventure.

How to Make Gluhwein

Gluhwein is traditional German mulled wine (hot spiced wine) and has been filling the seasonal mugs of Germans for centuries. It is easy to make and even more fun to drink.

What Wines to Serve for Dinner

The old general rules – red with red meat, white with poultry and fish – still apply, but there are exceptions, qualifications, nuances of intensity, tartness, dryness. Wine can alter the taste of food, food the taste of wine. Food and wine should enhance each other, not fight each other or cancel each other out.

How to Read Wine Labels

How to read a wine label in a foreign language – or even in English? Meanings of terms often vary according to country – for example, “estate-bottled” does not mean the same thing in the United States as it does in France. But spending a little time deciphering a label pays off. Hiding in it is valuable information about the kind and quality of the wine.

The Popularity of Fruit Wine Making

The process of making wine requires using fruit, mainly grapes, but for some, fruit wine can branch out to other fruits in order to add variety to their hobby. Depending on your own personal tastes, fruit wine can be made from other fruits such as apples, pears, cherries, or even some wild berries. Although the process of fruit wine making may be foreign to you, there are many resources available to help aid you in the process of making your very own fruit wine.

Wine Racks – A Guide To Home Wine Storage

When traditional immediately will not be adequate, modern wine racks are the style you need. With today’s housing becoming more modern, bold statements can add zest to a room.

Wine Country Tours Will Awaken Your Senses

Wine country tours are a great way to satisfy your taste buds while having a romantic or educational opportunity to expand your knowledge of the vast array of California wines. You can enjoy exquisite restaurants that feature wonderful local and fresh ingredients to accompany your wine selection.

Is Wine Making Considered a Lost Art?

Wine making is one of the fastest-growing hobbies in the United States. It is a skill passed down from generation to generation and each successful generation likes to add some special touches to give there wine a unique taste. Wine making is like anything else, the more you practice, the better you will become. There are five basic components to making wine: harvesting, crushing and pressing, fermentation, clarification, aging and bottling. This hobby is remarkably easy to learn and, compared to other hobbies, amazingly cheap plus it is fun and makes great gifts for that special occasion.

Wine SOS – The Secret Of Professional Wine Tasters

For a person with a substance abuse disorder, alcohol consumption is likely to serve as a trigger for the compulsive behavior associated with the disease. For other individuals a decision matrix can be applied to inform choices concerning responsible consumption of alcohol.

Is Martha Stewart Really Cut Out For Wine 101?

You don’t have to be as savvy as say, Martha Stewart in the basics of wine 101, but it doesn’t hurt to take some of Stewart’s advice to learn wine. If you ever feel a little lost choosing between an appropriate red wine or white wine, you need to learn wine 101.

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