Wine 101: Pinot Gris aka Pinot Grigio

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Elegance and Structure in an Italian White

Elegant Burgundian white wines cost a lot and huge, clumsy Californian white wines are pretty expensive too. Here’s a luscious alternative.

A Wine Storage Tip or Two for the Home

Wine is an elegant drink that is enjoyed all around the world. This product has been enjoyed by millions all through history. However, the avid collector may not enjoy the product nearly as much if bottles have overwhelmed their kitchen closets, shelves, and cabinets.

Choosing the Right Summer Wines

There are so many things that we associate with summer – lazing around the swimming pool, cooking outdoors, picnics by the lake, and of course some wonderfully refreshing wines. Anyone can drink beer or pack soda for a romantic picnic, but why settle for the “same old” when you can tickle your palate with something crisp, fruity, sweet, refreshing, and a perfect complement to your other summer fare? If you’re trying to choose just the right summer wines, we can help.

Eight Vineyards to Visit in the UK

The climate and soil of the U.K. have produced many excellent home-grown vintages, and a visit to its vineyards is sure to be enjoyable to wine lovers of all nationalities. Whether you like whites, reds, sparkling wines, or fruit liqueurs, there’s sure to be a vineyard in your area that suits your tastes.

Alcohol and the Benefits to Your Heart Health

After countless studies have been conducted on how alcohol affects our cardiovascular health, many extraordinary results have been discovered. Namely, how moderate consumption of alcohol actually helps our heart. There are numerous ways in which alcohol helps our heart, but we will merely be looking at the surface of what benefits drinking 1-2 drinks per day can provide.

Changes at the House of Kracher?

In 1986, “Luis” Kracher, who was educated as a chemical engineer, went to work at his father’s winery. Kracher was already known for its sweet wines and the young chemist quickly added to the winery’s reputation. His timing was as good as his winemaking skill: he became a leader of the Austrian wine renaissance as well as its most recognizable spokesman.

Introduction To Wine

Basic introduction of how wine is made. Also a short primer on different things that effect the taste of wine.

Wine Trails – Discovering Great Wines In All 50 States

With over 6000 wineries in the United States, wine lovers have more choices than ever before. And while most consumers think of traditional wine producing areas when choosing a bottle or two, more and more people are discovering there are great wines from all 50 states. Here’s a closer look at some undiscovered wine travel destinations.

Wine Is More Than Just Another Alcoholic Beverage

Wine reviews, wine ratings, and wine scores – how do every one of of this influence the market? What is added or missing while a winery is reviewed in the media? Is scoring just an additional promotion plan, or is there some concrete worth to ratings?

Greek Wines

Greece has more than 300 different indigenous vines, and there could well be something to the myths that wine was invented here. Despite this big head start the average Greek wine has long been that – average, if not wretched. This is changing so fast it’s hard to keep up: in the past two decades, better education the introduction of foreign expertise and modern techniques have improved many Greek wines.

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