Willowbrook Cellars 2016 California Chardonnay

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Joe Otos, Willowbrook Cellars Founder/Winemaker, explains how he handcrafted this decadent Chardonnay. We are featuring this wine in our 2017 Premier Series Holiday Gift Shipment. Learn more about holiday gifts: https://www.cawineclub.com/Wine-Club-Gifts-For-The-Holidays

What to Expect When Attending a Wine Tasting

A wine tasting is a type of product sampling. The purpose from the producer’s point of view is to offer a sample size (usually 15-30ml) of their product so that the consumer may make a decision about purchasing. The beauty of wine is that there are differences every vintage (year) – giving us wine-drinkers a excuse to attend wine tastings all the time!

The Search to Find the Lowest Calorie Wine

Do you love wine? Me too. Although it is hard to drink wine if you are trying to lose weight. In this article we will explain how to find low calorie wines that will help you when trying to maintain a weight loss goal.

No More Busch in Anheuser-Busch

The world of big-beer has been rocked with mergers and acquisitions for some time now. It’s been an ongoing thing around the world. There is more news on the way – August Busch IV has announced that he will be stepping down from his position as a director for Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Colorado Beer Week: A Huge Success

Beer festivals and celebrations are nothing new in the US – they’re everywhere. However, residents of Colorado got their very own celebration recently. The first ever Colorado Beer Week kicked off on April 8, and ran through the 16.

DIY Beer Taps Coming Soon?

When you hit your favorite bar or restaurant and order your preferred brew, it seems only natural that your server should bring it to you. However, that might not be the case for that much longer. Taking a cue from the self-serve soda fountains that can be found in most fast food restaurants today, a new DIY dispensing system just might be coming your way.

Breakfast Beer From Moa Gets Health Experts in a Huff

Most people tend to look askance at cracking open an ice cold beer first thing in the morning. However, Moa Brewing in New Zealand is looking to change all that with the debut of their “breakfast beer,” Moa Breakfast. The brew is a cherry flavored wheat beer specifically designed to take the place of champagne in a champagne breakfast (or a champagne brunch).

Making the Choice: How Do Beer Sellers Choose Their Brews?

We’ve all been there before. You walk into a local bar or restaurant to have a meal and a cold beer, only to find that they don’t have what you want on tap. It makes you wonder just how beer sellers choose the brews that they offer.

Craft Beer – The Next Big Investment Option?

The shaky national economy has quite a few investors looking for a safe place for their investment capital. While stocks and bonds (and even precious metals) can be used, some surprising options are cropping up. In fact, one private equity firm has actually acquired a craft brewery through an all-equity investment.

The Experience of Fine Wine

Tasting fine wines can be a thrilling experience in anyone’s life. That is because the particular one that you are drinking can complement a particular meal more than another one that you might have chosen.

The Move Toward Greener Beer Packaging

When you think of beer packaging, chances are that you immediately think of the cardboard six-pack holder or the cardboard case. However, packaging goes far beyond what keeps your beer bottles or cans together. The largest consideration in beer packaging is actually those very bottles and cans!

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