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When Robert (Rob) and Beth Lawson purchased their first 100-acre vineyard along the scenic Mokelumne River, they had a vision of one day producing top-notch premium varietal wines from the best Lodi Appellation vineyards. That vision became a reality in the late 90s when a historic fruit processing plant became available right down the road in Victor, California. They converted the plant into a wine production facility and dubbed it WildRose Vineyards, and soon launched their Victor Vineyards wines. WildRose Vineyards continues to bottle quality and value with their latest venture, C.O.V. E. wines (California Old Vine Estates).

Wine Making at Home Guide

If you have actually given some thought to the idea of making wine at home but just have not gotten around to it yet, there is no reason to postpone any longer. Many individuals delight in the advantages and benefits of making their very own wine. While certain equipment is called for, you do not need to make a big investment or also have a large area in order to get fun out of a pastime that can easily be very fulfilling.

Using A Wine Tasting Sheet or Wine Tasting Card

A wine tasting sheet is a great way to discover how to taste wine. It reminds you of the things you need to look for in a wine and gives you a way to remember it over time. The basics of tasting wine are revealed and you can get your own printable wine tasting sheet.

What Is Scrumpy?

What is the difference between a cider and scrumpy? Actually, they are generally the same thing.

Reducing Wine Consumption

Government nagging aside, for most of us who enjoy a social glass or two of wine there comes a time when we think about reducing wine consumption. Usually when that small glass turns into a bigger (home serving sized) glass which in turn migrates into most or all of the bottle. Most nights, if not every single night.

The Life and Death of a Grape

See what happens to our friend as he grows from a healthy grape lounging in the sun and rain.Then engaging on the journey to the wine vat. Traveling along the route to the wine store and finally coming to the end of his life.

The Loire Valley And Its Wines

The Loire valley conjures up all sorts of images for Brits starved of sun and gastronomie. For wine lovers, the Loire valley means vineyards which grow some of the world’s most popular grapes, as well as a few exclusives such as the Melon de Bourgogne and the Pineau d’Aunis. So what should you look for when planning your trip to the Loire?

Wine Investment – A Beginner’s Guide

As the age of austerity bites, we’re all looking for ways to save or – even better – to make money. With property no longer a license to print money, as it might have been ten years ago, perhaps we should look to longer-term investments such as fine wine.

Rediscovering Beaujolais Nouveau

Much has been written about the pros and cons of Beaujolais Nouveau over the years, with wine experts even fighting over whether it can properly be labelled a wine. So why does this light red wine – which is as close to white wine as red wine comes – arouse such strong feelings? It may help to explore the history of the wine, and set out how it is produced.

Wine Cellar: Know Its Myths and Facts

Though the essence of wine collecting is in the appreciation you develop for each bottle, the most crucial aspect to consider is its storage. Sadly, many a great wine collection has been damaged because of instability in temperature and moisture. And in order to keep your wine stored properly, it is essential to maintain the right conditions.

Things To Know Before You Build A Wine Cellar

Some questions to ask yourself or your builder before you turn that space into a wine cellar. Don’t build now and be sorry later.

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