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“I’ve spent 19 vintages crafting wines for some major brands,” says Founder/Winemaker Mike Berntsen. “Now, I only make wines for our winery. I focus on small-lot fermentations, keeping them priced so that all of us can afford to drink exceptional wines! I get to choose my wine projects and be creative in implementing them from vineyard and varietal selection, to ageing in barrel or tank, and then deciding when the wine is ready to be released. My wife is my partner, which means she helps during crush. My son helps me bottle. But I am literally the janitor, the winemaker, and the sales and marketing team.”

How to Select the Best Sauvignon Blanc for Your Taste

Sauvignon Blanc is a good wine made from one of the oldest grape varietals in the world. Many people love it while others shun it. Why does this happen? Please read the entire article to know why.

What You Need to Know About the Mystifying Sav Blanc

The story of the Sauvignon Blanc is a tale of love-and-hate of two kinds of people; the ones who adore it and the others who don’t like it at all. But what’s in a Sav Blanc that resulted in these contrasting reactions? Please read on to find out why.

Wonderful Italy

I recently had the opportunity to visit the wine country of Italy. It is remarkable.

Types of Wine Aerators

Why are Vinturi aerators different from other aerators? One thing: Good quality speaks for itself and Vinturi aerators is the leader of the pack. You won’t believe wine could taste so good.

Some Helpful Tips in Designing Your Own Wine Cellar

If your wine collection is becoming wider and wider by the day and your cabinets can no longer contain it, it’s time you built your own wine cellar. If you have the budget and the space for it in your own home, the design tips can help you get started on that wine cellar project.

Things You Should Know About Shiraz Wine

Many people love Shiraz because of its full-bodied flavor and moderate acidity. It is bold yet warm, and it makes good food even better. Please read on as we try to explore the many attributes of the wine that has captivated the palates of many people around the world.

Secrets To Wine Tasting

How to make wine at home. How to make wine from wine kits. Making wine from grapes.

Top Three Bordeaux Fine Wines Perfect For Wine Tastings

Bordeaux is known the world over as one of the most prestigious regions in France for making beautiful wines. Its large expanse plays host to various wine makers producing both red and white wines. The Cabernet Sauvignon grape dominates the region and is the most popular grape, produced by many and enjoyed by thousands.

Drink Craft Beer and Get More Flavor and Value

Order some craft beer and see why so many people enjoy it. You may like it much better than your previous favorites and you get to reap the health benefits as well.

Delve Into Some Of France’s Finest Wines

Having a few friends over for dinner is an age-old tradition. Serve them some delicious food, show them around your house and more importantly, serve them only fine French wines, and keep it flowing!

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