Why Does Wine Cost So Much Money? – Wine Simplified

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http://betterbook.com/wine Expert sommelier and wine educator Marnie Old explains why wine is so expensive. Learn how prices vary in order to find the best wine for your budget.

This video is an excerpt from iPad/iPone book “Wine Simplified.” For more tips and tricks to navigating the world of wine visit: http://betterbook.com/wine.

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Do Sulfites in Wine Cause Headaches?

Sulfites occur naturally in nature, but when they are added to wine to prevent microbial growth, they are presumed to be associated with headaches and migraines. Is this correct or not?

Winemaking – Yeast – The True Wine Maker

Nobody really knows when the first wine was really made and manufactured to people all over the world. All we can accept as true is that someplace, somewhere out there a person was forgetful enough to put down a bottle of grape juice in a place which enabled wine making yeast to creep into the bottle and magically create a good tasting drink that satisfies our palette.

Shopping For a Wine Rack – The Four Things You Need to Consider

Purchasing a wine rack shouldn’t be a tough decision making process, but when you aren’t sure what to look for, factors such as price, quality, and style can make a big difference. Find out which of these factors you should consider before making your wine rack purchase.

White Wine Making – How to Make White Wine

How to make white wine is a question ask why many people. In fact the making of white wine has been a craft since the dawn of time, when grape stompers cheerfully made grape juice with their bare feet.

The Basics on How to Grow Grapes and Make Wines

Many famous winemakers will tell you that one of the essential steps in making that exquisite wine enjoyed all over the globe is learning how to grow grapes. Before you learn how to grow grapes, it is important that you first know the two kinds of grape varieties because the process of planting and growing grapes is dependent on its type.

A Grape Trellis is Important and Functional

Providing a grape trellis of some sort, to use for growing and supporting your grapes as the vines grow is something that is definitely necessary. A grape trellis can be constructed and designed any way the owner wants, as long as it offers support for the growing vines.

How to Make Homemade Wine?

Anybody and everybody who appreciates a good glass of wine, have at some point or other have romanced with the idea as to how to make homemade wine. Well, I have learned to brew my own homemade wine and have discovered that learning how to make homemade wine can be a very delectable and pleasing leisure. I have also realized that wine making is essentially a scientific art.

Reviews of Brews: Spring and Summertime Wheat Beers

Sun splaying out from between tree branches and splashing across a patio in the late afternoon as a pitcher of cool wheat beer, adorned with several lemon slices, sweats on the table. If the above fits your description of an ideal night of drinking, than you’re my kind of beer lover. The weather here in Northern New Jersey has turned toward summer and my taste buds have been calling for a pint of chilled wheat to fight off the heat, so I’m kicking off my Reviews of Brews with three summer beers that …

So, You Want to Make Wine at Home?

So, you are thinking about brewing your wine at home, eh? Here a few thoughts to keep in mind before you get started.

Wine Making at Home

Wine making at home has several advantages over the usual practice of buying it. For one thing, you can be sure nothing that you do not want goes in.

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