What’s the Difference Between Young and Old Cabernet Sauvignon?

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Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most widely-bottled red wines and accounts for many of the most expensive bottles of wine you will find in the world. Young Cabs are typically highly tannic and intense but the longer they stay in the bottle the more the tannins will soften. Learn more about wine by checking out The California Wine Club blog at https://www.cawineclub.com/blog/.

The Peugeot Wine Service Kit Review

Since the 19th century, Peugeot has long been committed in providing the market of food industry with preferred tools that are very useful especially to chefs and food and beverage lovers. They have become very well known especially when it comes to innovation of the family of wines. Because of that, they have earned trust from serious wine enthusiasts therefore making them create must have kits for this kind of market.

Serving Wine With Cheesecake

You’ve ordered your cheesecake online, the table is set and decorated, and now you’re ready to entertain! But wait! What wine do you serve with your delicious dessert?

Why Riedel Wine Glasses Are The Very Best

With such a wide range of wine accessories on the market today, it can be a little daunting finding out which the good and useful ones are. When it comes to choosing wine glasses, the quality and shape really do make a difference to the tasting experience.

Wine Preservation Tools – Why Are They Needed and Which One Is Right for Me?

If you are a frequent wine drinker you are probably aware that air will deteriorate the quality of the wine. Leaving a bottle sit out open over night will change the taste and not in a good way. So wine preservation is needed to preserve the partially consumed bottle until a later date.

Wine Goblets and What You Must Be Aware Of

The first thing I should tell you about wine goblets is the massive variety that there are in the world.  Previously the wine goblets people had depended primarily on where they lived in what period.  Glass wine glasses are obviously the most common back, but depending on which point in history you look at, pewter, wood or even a human skull may have been your drinking vessel of choice!

Corked Wine and How to Avoid It

Having the right wine on the table on a special occasion can really enhance the importance of the day and can make any gathering more pleasurable, but when a wine is noticeably corked it can disrupt your guest’s palates and leave a foul taste in their mouths. Take note here of the word “noticeable” because it is estimated that 3-7% of all wines are “corked” or contaminated with TCA, in other words “corked” which comes from the corks themselves for the most part, but can also come from the barrels or the wood from the cellars themselves. The…

West Australian Wines and Wineries

With more than 150 wineries, Western Australia is one of the most qualitative wine producing regions of the country. Though it does not account for more than 5 percent of the production, the wine produced in Western Australia is of the topmost quality.

Western Australia Wine Regions

Australian wine has gained international recognition for its superb quality and value. Australia is considered one of the top 10 wine-producing countries in the world and Western Australian produces some of the highest quality red, white and sparkling wines and has 100’s of wineries.

Different Kinds Of Wine Accessories

There are people who love to collect expensive things like wines. They spend too much of their money to satisfy their want and yearnings for these items. Well, these wines aren’t really that important to every person’s life but, not to other people. To those people who are fond of it, it gives them happiness and joy.

Important Considerations For A Custom Wine Cellar

If you are a wine lover you will love to install custom wine cellar right in your home. But before you do so, there are some important considerations. Find out what they are.

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