What’s special about wines from California’s Edna Valley?

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John Niven of Niven Family Wine Estates explains why Edna Valley is unique. For those in the know, California’s Edna Valley on the Central Coast just south of San Luis Obispo is a hotspot for some very cool wines. Jack Niven pioneered the region when he first planted the historic Paragon Vineyard here in 1973. “Over the course of the past 10 years, we’ve gone from growing and selling grapes to having a diverse portfolio – Baileyana, Tangent, Trenza, True Myth and Zocker,” says John Niven, V.P./Sales & Marketing and member of the third generation of Nivens managing their estate. “Each has a distinct personality, like five children.” Learn more about Niven Family Estates: https://www.cawineclub.com/Niven-Family-Wine-Estates_FW334.html Discover California’s best small wineries and enjoy deliveries of their award-winning wines with our Premier Series wine club. Learn more at https://www.cawineclub.com/Premier-Wine-Club Every bottle is hand-selected and guaranteed to be one you’ll love.

The Benefits of Organic Wine

There are numerous benefits associated with organic wine produce. This article attempts to explain these benefits to improve your understanding of the advantages of organic wines. The most important aspect of organic wine over non-organic alternatives is the lack of chemicals and pesticides used during the growing of the grapes.

Schott Zwiesel Tritan – Crystal on Steroids

Okay, admittedly that’s an exaggeration, but Schott Zwiesel has pretty much set the bar significantly higher for durable crystal wine glasses. In conjunction with the University of Erlangen in Bavaria, Germany, the company spent many years researching and developing a unique, patented type of glass that is harder and more resilient than traditional crystal stemware.

What You Need to Know About Belgian Stout Beer

Stout is a general term that is given to a broad class of dark, fermented beers, which commonly features diverse roasted tastes. Though Stout beer has a long history, it is the emergence of Belgian brewers that beers featuring the roasted taste of time-honored stout combined with the tasty Belgian yeast to produce the Belgian stout.

Nambe – Art and Function Unite

When I think of New Mexico, I think of artist Georgia O’Keeffe and her Ghost Ranch artists’ retreat. I think of artsy people in general when I think of New Mexico, because almost every person I’ve met who is from there or who has lived there is artsy. It makes sense to me that one of the most renowned makers of innovative, artistic dinnerware, serveware and home accents was born in New Mexico.

What To Expect When Buying Mini Wine Coolers

Many people enjoy the taste of wine with their evening dinner, as part of an evening’s entertainment with friends, or to relax with their partner. An ideal way to add an air of elegance and romance is to showcase your wine collection in a wine chiller. A mini wine cooler provides a stylish addition to the decor of your dining room or living room, or even as a beside cabinet, as well as having the wines you want to drink and share ready to serve at their optimum temperature.

Picking The Right Wine Glass For The Wine

If you have a good wine, a special occasion, friends or a boss over for dinner stemware is important. Good vino tastes better out of good wine glasses, and aesthetically it is more appealing. Using a good wine glass you can better appreciate the wine’s aroma and flavor complexities so much more. often the taste can change when you drink out of different types of glasses. Four aspects of a glass are important: color, size, shape, and thickness. These aspects are discussed below.

What Makes a Good Wine Glass?

Wine is one of the most debatable subjects that you can possibly have amongst a group of alcohol loving gentlemen and ladies. Often, though, it’s the type of wine itself which is the topic of debate and the taste it brings. But what many people seem to forget about the art of wine making and tasting is the glass.

The Different Types of White Wine

There are around six major types of white wines that are produced today and this article aims to provide information on these different types of white wine. The different wines featured on this page have gained a high popularity among wine lovers across the globe for their individual tastes and characteristics.

Reminders for Buying Wine Online

Having a good bottle of wine or two in stock at home always comes in handy – for cooking, for surprise visitors, or for enjoying a quiet dinner. Perhaps, when you go home after work, you can pass by one of the local wine stores and get a couple of bottles that you can use in the future. But you can also try buying wine online so you’ll have bottles in stock for quick celebrations or any impromptu reason. If you’re new into purchasing through the Internet, especially buying wines and liquors, here are some useful reminders.

Wine Cabinets Vs Wine Cellars – What’s Right For You?

Hello to all you wine collectors out there! It’s established, you’re an avid wine drinker and your collection is growing but how should you store it? We can no longer get away with our wine sitting on the kitchen counter and convince our guests we possess some semblance of culture.

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