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http://betterbook.com/wine Expert sommelier and wine educator Marnie Old explains how to shop for wine by using alcohol content to judge a wine’s body. All you need to do to choose the perfect style of wine is read the label!

This video is an excerpt from iPad/iPhone book “Wine Simplified.” For more tips and tricks to navigating the world of wine visit: http://betterbook.com/wine.

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Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator Review

Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator makes wine such a pleasure to sip. Does it really make wine tasting great?

Organic Wines – Do You Know What Makes an Organic Wine?

Organic wines have become increasingly more popular in the last decade, especially with the advent of eco-friendly practices. Organic wines are made from grapes that are cultivated under organic, or biodynamic, conditions. Biodynamic practices ensure that the product to be consumed is free of chemicals, preservatives and other additives that are either manually added or transported into the grapevines through the soil.

How Do I Use a Trellis to Grow Grapes?

Grapevines are big, heavy plants that don’t have enough strength to support themselves. Because of this they climb on what they can hold on to, and the use of a trellis is imperative for it’s successful vineyard growth. Using a trellis also bring other advantages – like space maximization- which allows grape growing to be achieved not only in big sized vineyards but also in a smaller scale backyard.

Are You Protecting Your Grapevines From This Season’s Pests?

Pests are a prominent threat to grapevines all over the world. From diseases, birds, insects and other big animals, pests are detrimental to your harvest and must be regulated.

Are You Following the Steps of Winemaking Correctly?

Winemaking requires knowledge of the best practices to get a good bottle of wine. Nevertheless, aside from the information that is important to know, winemaking is ruled by the good applications of common sense. Given the steps of winemaking, if we combine informed practices with a good educated sense, we can achieve a delicious wine and devise a recipe for the success of harvests to come.

The Ultimate Red Wine Pill?

Have you ever heard of a red wine pill? This article looks at the possibility of a red wine pill and how you can obtain the powerful benefits of red wine in a pill. A cup of red wine a day …

How to Grow Vineyard Grapes

Before yo think in growing grapes, is necessary to know what kind of soil and type of grape suits your location. Also climate, can affect the growth of vineyard grapes.

The Top 10 Wine Accessories Everybody Should Have

There are a lot of different tools and accessories available to increase your wine enjoying experience, and while it’s impossible to have all of them, here are ten accessories that I think everybody should have. A Good Solid Corkscrew Corkscrews can come in a variety of styles, designs, and sizes.  Whether you’re a fan of the small hand corkscrew like those used by waiters and bartenders at restaurants or want something larger that sits on your counter, a reliable corkscrew is the first tool that every wine lover should have.

Ever Wanted to Know How to Grow Grapes?

Are you one of those people that wants to make your own wine but does not know where to start? Well it all starts with knowing how to grow grapes. Grape growing is not as hard as you first may think, rally anybody with a bit of know how should be able to do it. Find out why people want to grow grapes and how easy it actually is to do.

Wine Related Gifts For Every Budget – Tips on Popular Wine Accessories

Tired of being just one of many people toting the obligatory gift bottle of red wine in a decorative gift bag? If you know someone who enjoys champagne, why not give him or her a nectar related gift?

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