What the Heck is Marquette?

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This week we delve into two lesser known American wines: Marquette and Petit Manseng. Marquette is a red wine grape that grows well in cold climates, like Minnesota or Vermont. The question we really want to know is if Marquette is actually good!

Types of Shot Glasses

This article presents facts and trivia about the intriguing history of shot glasses. These small glassware items have become important items for personal use, as standard barware items and even as collector’s items. These interesting facts show the general intrigue in society over these quaint glassware items.

Classification of Wine and Wine Glasses

Wine has been the most popular alcoholic drink for many centuries. Wine is basically classified into white and red wine based on its color. However, wine enthusiast would like to classify them based on the place of origin and the vinification method used. They are also classified based on style.

Types of Wine and Wine Glasses

Wine is probably the most famous alcoholic beverage. Wine is classified by numerous methods. This includes classifying wine based on color, place of origin, the method of producing wine and the style used in preparing and storing it. Irrespective of the type, wine should always be tasted in a proper wine glass.

Wine Trails – Wine Travel Trends in 2010 and Beyond

As we move into the 2010’s, more and more unique travel niches will continue to gain popularity. The recent trend of eco tourism is booming as people continue to seek local, specialized products. Wine trails in America are growing with the trend, and here’s what we see happening through this decade…

The Rabbit Corkscrew – A Must Have Accessory

Can you replay in your head the last pleasurable experience when opening a bottle of wine? Those that didn’t yet learn about the rabbit corkscrew are probably really tired of trying to open bottles of wine and do almost everything wrong.

Polycarbonate Red Wine Glasses Set of 6 – Review

Me and my travel partners go on a lot of trips and we stay at hotels on a frequent basis. We like to have the occasional glass of red wine, but we were getting sick and tired of the flimsy looking glasses that hotels put you up with. Therefore, I decided to buy my own plastic wine glasses. I purchased the polycarbonate red wine glasses set of 6 from the Internet. They weren’t too costly and they arrived very quickly. Me and my buddies have been using them for the last two weeks. They’re actually not that bad.

What is the Significance of a Antique Decanter?

The significance of an antique is that it’s timeless. It doesn’t matter how old it might be, it will always remain a classy element to complement any household decor as well a good way to decant your alcohol. An antique could be an antique for several reasons.

A Brief History of Shot Glasses

A shot glass is described as a miniature glass intended for containing or measure liquor, which in turn can either be poured into another liquid composition, or in most cases, consumed directly from the glass, hence the term “a shot”. The word shot glass was first coined by the Oxford English Dictionary sometime in the 1940s.

How to Evaluate Sparkling Wine

When tasting a sparkling wine, the most critical thing to consider is whether you like it. But if you want to evaluate a bottle like a professional do, then here are a few factors to look for when tasting it.

The Martini Glass – A Brief Introduction

From its origins as a formal drink for the elite to its super stardom as the drink of choice for James Bond, martini glasses are a fun and elegant drink of choice for any setting. This article discusses the history of these cocktail glasses in vivid detail.

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