What is RIESLING – Everything you need to know about this popular German grape.

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In this video I take a look at Riesling
Riesling is a white grape variety which originated in the Rhine region. Riesling is an aromatic grape variety displaying flowery, almost perfumed, aromas as well as high acidity. It is used to make dry, semi-sweet, sweet, and sparkling white wines. Riesling wines are usually varietally pure and are seldom oaked. Riesling is a variety which is highly “terroir-expressive”, meaning that the character of Riesling wines is greatly influenced by the wine’s place of origin.

In cool climates (such as many German wine regions), Riesling wines tend to exhibit apple and tree fruit notes with noticeable levels of acidity that are sometimes balanced with residual sugar. A late-ripening variety that can develop more citrus and peach notes is grown in warmer climates (such as Alsace and parts of Austria). In Australia, Riesling is often noted for a characteristic lime note that tends to emerge in examples from the Clare Valley and Eden Valley in South Australia. Riesling’s naturally high acidity and pronounced fruit flavors give wines made from the grape exceptional aging potential, with well-made examples from favorable vintages often developing smokey, honey notes, and aged German Rieslings, in particular, taking on a “petrol” character.
In Germany, the variety is particularly widely planted in the Mosel, Rheingau, Nahe and Pfalz wine regions. There are also significant plantings of Riesling in Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Luxembourg, northern Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, China, Ukraine, and the United States (Washington, California, Michigan and New York).

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How To Quickly Cool White Wine

White wine is usually enjoyed cold, but we don’t always have it cold when we want to drink it. We may have grabbed a bottle at the store that was room temperature, we may a wine cellar that is cooler than room temperature but not cool enough, and like me, the fridge may be too full to always have a bottle of wine in it just in case.

Wine Storage Refrigerator

Collecting wine has become more and more popular over the past couple of decades, which has increased the wine storage industry as well. Wine collectors vary from amateur to expert, with some collecting five bottles of wine at a time and other collecting hundreds of bottles of wine at a time. Investing in a wine collection will cost a lot of money, which is why you should also invest in storage options such as a wine storage refrigerator, a wine cooler, or a wine cellar.

Wine Storage Units

Wine is one of the more popular alcoholic drinks today because it goes with almost any type of food, can be served at any party and is easy to store. If you are an infrequent wine drinker, one who only has one bottle in the house at a time, then you do not need to purchase a wine cooler or build a wine cellar. Instead, you can store that one bottle of wine in your refrigerator or cabinet, replacing it when it is empty.

Red Wine Health

Red Wine Health is just an added plus for wine lovers. Isn’t it nice to know something you enjoy drinking is actually good for your health in so many ways.

Alcoholic Free Beer – Perfect For The Non-Drinker

Drinking beer is actually one of the most popular pastimes for people worldwide. Most individuals head to bars to enjoy a couple of beers and interact socially with other people and some will opt to drink beer with dinner or while visiting with friends. But, what do you do when you need to socialize with friends who drink and you don’t wish to drink any alcoholic beverage?

The Benefits Of Alcohol Free Beer

Alcohol free beer is really a benefit for all beer lovers because it is free of alcohol content and will be totally harmless to the body with the exception of a bit of calories. Individuals are yet to accept this kind of beer on a wide-scale, since it’s been recognized that drinkers worldwide have two extreme viewpoints when it comes to the alcohol free beverage.

Basic Introduction to Wine

We are going to assume that since you are reading this you have an interest and understand the very basics, and by the basics we mean: wine is a delicious, ever-changing, mystifying alcoholic beverage enjoyed around the globe. What you are here for is a little kernel of knowledge that can be planted and nurtured so that whether you pop the cork on the 1982 Petrus from your climate controlled cellar or the 2 Buck Chuck sitting in your pantry, you know what you are drinking beyond the color of the liquid.

Wine Aerator Reviews – The Best Wine Aerators On The Market!

In depth wine aerator reviews are a bit hit and miss online. A quick search of the internet does not reveal many proper reviews of these amazing gadgets.

Considering The Musts Surrounding Wine Etiquette

Although one may consider himself a wine enthusiast or even expert this certainly comes a time when at least the very basics of wine etiquette must be either learned or displayed within a given setting. It is this very fact that tends to scare many people away from the world of wine discovery.

Now Get Used To Drink Healthy Wine

Wine is one of the most popular drinks all across the world. However, the one question that always stuck in our mind is that drinking wine is healthy or not. There are various research and studies conducted to clear this matter.

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