What is MALOLACTIC FERMENTATION – How does it affect your wine?

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In this video, we take a look at the process of Malolactic Fermentation and discuss what is it and how it affects your wine.

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Beer Gardens

If you pay close enough attention sooner or later you are going to hear someone use the phrase “beer garden”. Beer gardens have been around for quite a long time and, almost certainly, you have been in one at least once in your drinking life, even if you have been home beer brewing for a long time.

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A Glossary of Beer Brewing Terms

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Desert Wines Are Oh So Sweet

You have just finished a lovely meal, satisfying really, in a chic new restaurant that just opened in your area. As you begin to replay the evening’s delicacies in your mind you are suddenly interrupted. In front of you is placed the piece de resistance, a perfectly chilled, shimmering glass of Sauterne and a thinly sliced wafer of foie gras.

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