What is BOBAL? – The A-Z of Wine

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In this video we take a look at Bobal and put it to the taste test.

It is native to the Utiel-Requena region in Valencia, Spain. The name derives from the Latin bovale, in reference to the shape of a bull’s head. It is grown predominantly in the Utiel-Requena DO where it represents about 90% of all vines grown, and is also present in significant quantities in Valencia,

Bobal is the third most planted variety in Spain with 90,000 ha (8%), coming behind Airén 305,000 ha (27%) and Tempranillo 190,000 (17%).

The best wines are deep, soft color. Bobal has traditionally been used for the production of bulk wine, but producers working in higher altitudes than 800 metres (2,625 feet) above sea level are taking this variety more seriously and giving it the attention it deserves.

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Tips on Buying Great Wine

Buying wine is always interesting, but very few people are able to do this effectively. An appropriately chosen wine bottle can win thousands of accolades for you, while a wrongly selected one can spoil your image in front of other person. Whenever one enters in a liquor shop or a supermarket to purchase a bottle of wine, it is very obvious that the person will get confused on seeing a wide variety of choices.

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Apart from elegant embroidery, delicious wine and magnificent horses, would you like to know what makes Portugal a very popular country in the world? Did you know that this country is abundant in cork oak trees? If you must know, the country is the place for quality cork stoppers. Because of their numerous vineyards and the rise in demand for wine in the world, these small instruments have been employed throughout the world.

Portuguese Wine – Taste and Savor Portugal’s World Heritage Wine Products

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Making Beer at Home – Is it Worth Your Time?

Enjoying a great brew of beer is a pastime shared by people of most age and interest ranges from every country across the world. The best aspect of home brewed beer: there are many types of brews for people to drink. When a person thinks about beer, they will think about a specific taste. Some beer lovers like a cool, crisp taste while others want a rusty, dark ale with a deep flavor. Then, there are people who look for a dark, stout, black beer. Irish or not, if you have ever taken part in a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, you have probably had quite a few different lagers.

Gifts For Wine Lovers – The Light Way

The fact is, trends come and go, but we will always love wine and candlelight. So, why not combine our two favorite things into one brilliant bundle of joy?

California Grapes and Wines

California produces 98 percent of all the grapes grown in the United States and is the third largest producer in the world. Ninety percent of all American wines are produced in California, the best wines coming from the Napa Valley and Sonoma county and the cooler regions of the coast.

If You Want to Make Your Own Wine Here Are Some Tips That Will Help You!

Affording a bottle of fine wine every so often might seem budget intensive especially if it’s a $20 plus bottle that is in question. Read the rest to learn more about making your own wine!

Delicacies of Spain – Wine

With out doubt the wines of Spain are world class, although only a few names are recognized internationally. Like France with it’s “Institut National des Appellations d Origine” Spain has an official organization “I.N.D.O.” which classifies it’s national wines and guarantees that only wines from specific regions are given the regions name. There are currently 30 areas with “Denominacion de Origin”.

Use a Wine Rack Kit to Create Your Own Wine Rack

Wine rack kits are used to build your very own wine rack. If you have shelves and shelves of wine bottles that are totally taking up space in your home, you will find that wine rack kits can help you organize your extensive wine collection. The best part is, you will be tailoring your wine rack to your own preference. Ensuring a good finish, these wine rack kits are made hands-on and they are cost-effective as well. A useful wine rack kit is easy to assemble but well-formed when finished.

Expect Blended Taste From White Wine

The invention of the Web makes it easier to shop online for your desired products. The online wine store is also ready to serve the people who are really looking to enjoy the various blended taste of the imported and famous tasteful wines.

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