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Burgundy wine glasses are specifically made for Pinot Noirs where you can taste the finesse and delicate nuances of each. Learn about the characteristics of the Burgundy wine glass and more in this video. Check out our blog for even more wine education and tips. https://www.cawineclub.com/blog/

Wine Aerators – Only You Can Decide If They Work

Many people often ask the same question when it comes to wine aerators and that is “Do they work?”. If you are reading this article then you will probably know the science behind aeration. The job of these devices is to infuse as much air into your wine as possible. Sounds like a simple task, but not all wine aerators are up to the job!

How to Properly Pour Wine

As you stand by your table, the all important wine bottle in hand, all eyes are upon you. Everyone has heard your description of the wine, what they should be able to smell and taste. Now it time for you to pour the wine into each glass.

World’s Most Expensive Wines

If you’re heading out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, you can sometimes be left with sticker shock at the price of an ordinary glass of wine. Often times, even a single glass can run you as much as an entire entree. Upwards of $200 for a bottle of wine, however, is nothing when you consider the following wines and what they fetched at auction.

Great Wine for A Great Price

It’s a particularly difficult time to be a wine lover. After all, the global economy is still far from fixed, and for many people, that means cutting back on non-essential items. This includes those luxurious but pricey bottles of vino.

Raise Your Glass to A Healthy Heart

Greatly aided by the prevalence of the internet, news spreads particularly fast nowadays. Any report is shared not only through the newspaper, radio, and television, but it’s also disseminated through Twitter, Facebook, and online news sources, which are updating constantly. Perhaps that is part of why so many people are familiar with some relatively new conclusions that there are huge health benefits for those who drink wine.

The Key To Owning Your Own Cellar

Having a wine cellar is lots of fun. It is also lot of work and can be quite a pricey hobby.

The Tips You Will Need To Learn To Find A Wine To Mix With Thai Food

Most people enjoy Thai food and everyone loves wine along with dinner. However, since Thai food concentrates on hot and spicy tastes and flavors, it is generally challenging to get a complimentary wine. This article will reveal the best way to do that.

How Can Wine Racks Add to My Home Decor?

By following a few simple suggestions, everyone, even those who do not drink wine, may improve their home decor by adding wine racks. Modern racks can add grace, charm, and distinction to any home decor, and will require only a small investment on the part of the consumer. For moderns spaces in your home, consider purchasing racks made of acrylics or stainless steel, while for traditional areas, think about buying scrolling iron or other wrought iron racks.

Buying Wine Online: Is It Way More Convenient To Do So?

Buying wine online is often a useful remedy for the passionate fans. So why risk coming to the wine store night – or day of – your function only to realize that they can be sold-out. Online retailers have a stable availability of your preferred beverage so are a steady source.

Wine Making – A How To Guide

With the cost of alcohol on the rise and the recession still at play, it has already caused an effect on many winemakers. Even though the wine market is taking its toll, there is still a demand for making your own alcohol, with wine making and home brewing rising in popularity.

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