What Happens When You Drink Chocolate Flavored Wine

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In this episode, sommelier, Madeline Puckette, attempts to rate a bottle of chocolate-flavored wine. http://winefolly.com/review/wine-and-chocolate/

Responsible Alcohol Retailing – Doing Your Job Well

When you sell alcohol, regardless of whether you sell it to serve in your establishment or if you sell it for people to take home to consume, you need to make sure that you are responsible about it. You should also make sure that your employees know the ropes of responsible alcohol retailing, too.

Pronouncing Wine Names – Sound Savvy When You Do it Right

Pronouncing foreign words has never been my forte. And in the wine world, it seems, that’s all there is. Not long ago, I sent out a survey asking for nominations for the most difficult-to-pronounce wine words.

History of Alcohol – A Look at Alcohol Drinking Down the Ages

The early producers and propagators of alcohol containing nutrients and properties that aid various bodily functions, like relaxing the nerves, having little or no effect on cardiac muscles, invigorating the senses etc are aspects that have been highlighted historically. It has also been recorded that alcohol has been an integral part of worship services conducted across various parts of the globe.

Haute Cabriere Wine – An Elegant and Lively Sparkling Wine

The Cabriere Estate is home to the renown Haute Cabriere wine and Pierre Jourdan wines and is actually two wine farms in the Franschhoek Wine Valley. Over its 300 year, history the Cabriere Estate has perfected the art of wine making. In 1982, the vineyards were replanted and today’s Haute Cabriere sparkling wines are the direct result of that bold change in direction.

Tamburlaine Organic – Award-Winning Wine

If you love fine wines and you are concerned about organic gardening and reducing agricultural pesticides in your diet, then Tamburlaine Wine is a product for you to investigate seriously. Tamburlaine Wines, named after the famous Christopher Marlowe plays of the late 16th century, is nestled in the foothills of the Brokenback Range, at Pokolbin, which itself is located within the heart of the Hunter Valley wine country.

The Rabbit Corkscrew Sets – Every Wine Lover’s Right Hand

Every person that is in love with wines will, at a given point, get for himself a full set of wine accessories that can vary greatly from openers, to foil cutters and glass holders. Because of the advanced in wine accessories, most people nowadays enjoy a rabbit corkscrew set – especially the wine lovers as it offers the best time frame for the money.

Tips for Choosing the Best Type of Wine

If you are a beginner in the art of tasting wine, then you should know a few things that will help you choose the right type of wine. Many people have the tendency to think that the more expensive the wine the better the quality. That might be right in some cases but usually the price tag of a wine bottle doesn’t have to be proportional to its quality.

An Amazing Fact About Champagne

Former research has showed us that champagne contributes some benefits to our health. Red wine for the heart and white wine for lungs. The fascinating fact came from recent research which showed that champagne had a good effect for the brain.

Using a Rabbit Corkscrew Securely

The rabbit corkscrew is a wise used device when it comes to opening wines. Even if it is very easy to use and manipulate, there are people that say it can get unreliable and even hard to handle, but their problem is not the opener. They simply do not know how to use it correctly and this is where their problem comes from. For all of you new comers to the wine lovers community, here are some basic instructions on opening a bottle with a rabbit corkscrew.

Gibbston Valley Wines of New Zealand

If you’re a wine connoisseur or just love the finer pleasures in life, then you must check into the award-winning Gibbston Valley wines of New Zealand. The Gibbston Valley winery and restaurant (which only opens for lunch) are located in New Zealand’s beautiful Central Otago region.

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