What Are Wine Legs? – Wine Explained

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Episode #7 of Julien’s Wine School where Julien explains what the tears of wine (aka the legs, arches or rivulets) are, how they’re formed and what they mean for the composition and the taste of wine.
There are many explanations, and even sometimes myths about what these captivating legs in our wine glass are, whether it’s from alcohol, sugar, tannins, glycerol or else.

As a qualified winemaker, I made the research into the science of wine (enology) to find out and clear things up once and for all. Telling you everything you need to know about the legs of your vino in this wine education course.

Also check out the previous episode highlighting how much wine you should pour to allow a good swirl: https://youtu.be/geZm4BogkFc

Part 1 of Julien’s Wine Etiquette series about how to open a bottle of wine: https://youtu.be/c0dArXrPBwk

And this excellent video I mentioned in the video with full scientific explanations about the surface tension causing the legs, “The science of wineglass tears (or wine legs)“ by applied science channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6w0tSg-msk
See you soon again in the wonderful world of wine.


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