What are Tannins and Do We Want Them In Wine?

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In today’s video I’m going over tannins in wine–what they are, where they come from, and if we want them in wine. Watch the video to learn all about tannins!

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A Guide To Retail Wine Racks

When traditional just will not be sufficient, contemporary wine racks are the style you need. With today’s housing becoming more modern, bold statements can add zest to a room.

Varietal School – Meet Five Great Grape Varieties

One of the first things that every new wine taster tries to navigate is the taste of individual grape varieties. The flavors of varieties are pretty easy to distinguish in the vineyard but by the time the grape becomes wine, a lot of other influences have come into play. Since most of us do very little tasting standing in a vineyard, we end up trying to learn the tastes of grape varieties after the winemakers have gotten their hands on them. By then, a dozen choices have played a part in the wine’s development and those choices have partly submerged the varietal character.

Flexibility Of A Mini Wine Rack

A mini wine rack is very flexible in its uses. It has two main uses, which are storage of frequently drank wines and storage of collector item wines that tend to be much more expensive and older. In addition to its two main uses, a mini wine rack can serve not only as a storage space for wine but also as a unique table if one chooses to place a piece of finished wood on top of it.

Wine – All You Ever Need To Know?

This is a good resource site for a variety of topics and articles and websites dealing with wine. I have never been a big wine drinker.

Buying Commercial Wine Racks – Important Steps To Follow

Being a wine devotee and a bit of an antenna of wine the solitary prevalent problem is verdict the best wine storage racks. If you are one of those people who enjoys wine by itself, drinks it for the sheer contentment of its taste and to complement your everyday food, you will sooner or later be on the lookout for wine racks storage for your precious beverage.

Giving A Food Wine Gift Basket

There are many ways to show someone that you care about them. Giving a food wine gift basket can be exactly what you need. There are many ways that you can give a food wine gift basket, and you will also find that there are several types and prices of food wine gift baskets that you can give.

Wine Clubs – Wine Clubs Are A Great Way For Enthusiasts To Try New Wines

A good bottle of wine can sometimes make all the difference between a successful get together or just another average event. There are now many different wine clubs available that…

What Makes Dry Wine?

A person who is interested in wine will have a lot to say about dry wine. With each wine, the exact color, taste, and bouquet is very important. For the most part, dry wine can be either red wine or white wine.

A History of Winemaking in the UK

Legend says that Julius Caesar brought the first wine grapes to the U.K. But while it’s clear that the Romans did bring grapes to the region, it’s not so clear whether there were native grape vines already in existence. The Romans may have brought their own grape varieties because of a preference in taste, or simply to remind them of home-but either way, theirs is the earliest known occurrence of winemaking in the U.K.

Austrian Wine Bargains – 2007

Austria is the only country I know of where the wine is consistently better than the food. Desserts and breads aside, Austrian cooks seem to favor safety over creativity and everything you eat there will be very thoroughly cooked indeed. No danger of some little bug or worm surviving the cooking process and rising up to attack you. The wine, on the other hand is outrageously delicious and constantly surprising.

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