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How To Get the Most From Your Wine Tasting

Wine tastings are incredibly fun, but you should know how to get the most from each stop on your tour. If you are like us, wine tastings are both social and educational. We are often concerned about “getting it right” and not missing out on the special wines. Especially on a wine tour when the options are limitless. So, how do you maximize your wine tasting experience? We thought we would give you a few pointers, specifically in what to look for and questions to ask.

Wine Gift Ideas – Everything You Need to Know

Do you know someone that loves to drink wine? Then, you may want to give them a gift the reflects something they love. There are various wine gift ideas that you should try. This article will discuss various unique wine gift ideas. Anyone that likes to drink wine from a bottle will need some way to open it. Electric wine openers make this task extremely easy. Your friend won’t have to worry about damaging the cork and having trouble getting it out of the bottle. A wine opener is an excellent idea if your friend has arthritis in his hands.

How Healthy Is Red Wine, Really?

A glass of red wine is said to contain all sorts of healthy properties. Many ascribe the longevity of the Italians to their consumption of red wine. But what are the real facts? Is it really healthy to drink red wine and what can it do for you?

Should I Customize My Wine Labels?

I remember growing up as an Italian American my father and uncles would exchange their homemade wine in empty bottles of Hennessey, Courvoisier or any other empty glass bottle that they could get their hands on. They never used plastic and some of them went a step further and washed the original label off the bottle. Then out of nowhere one of them had a bottle with a customized label.

Eisch Sensis Plus Breathable Glasses

The traditional process of wine aeration (letting a wine breathe) involves the use of a crystal wine decanter or carafe in which the sediment in the bottle gets removed and the aroma, or nose, opens up, enhancing the wine-drinking experience. This process can take up to one to two hours in a wine decanter and it is very beneficial to many wines-whether fine or table. But if you are like me (prone to the need for instant gratification), an hour or two can seem like an eternity when you can’t wait to taste that bottle of fine wine you just acquired. What’s an impatient wine enthusiast to do? Enter, breathable glasses.

Beer Dispensers: A Brief History

At home beer dispensers are becoming more and more popular. Not only are they more affordable, but more convenient than ever. This article goes over how beer dispensers work along with a brief history.

The Difference Between Bordeaux and Burgundy

Location, location, location! The main difference between the two is that they are, before anything else, two separate regions in France. They are also two different kinds of wine. There are stringent laws in France about what grapes can be grown in each region based on centuries of trial and error to determine which grapes grow better in the respective regions. In France, wine is sacred part of life!

Bodum Double Wall Glasses

Even before my career in wine, coffee and tea started, one of my favorite brands was Bodum. I love the innovative designs, the look, the feel and the unique “European-ness” of all of their products. They’re just plain cool and classy at the same time. I write at length (some might say ad nauseam) about form following function and its importance in crystal wine glasses, coffee makers, crystal decanters, cookware–essentially anything related to fine consumables. That’s why I was so intrigued when I discovered Bodum double wall glasses.

German Riesling – Mmm, Mmm, Great Wine!

In the mood for a sweet low alcohol wine? Why not try a German Riesling? Here I will give you some quick easy to understand facts about this famous old world wine.

Wine Accessories – The Essential List

Those of us who enjoy wine but who may not splurge on ourselves are missing out on how our wines can be enhanced by the use of some essential wine accessories. There is a large assortment of wine accessories available to the home consumer. The important accessory to the wine consumer depends on what they find most important or appealing.

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