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“It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do,” laughs Founder Chris Condos, who co-founded Vinum Cellars with friend Richard Bruno in 1997. Chris is referring to how they began their brand — no vineyards, no winery facility and no financing except for their two credit cards. At the time, the two U.C. Davis enology graduates
had no idea they were on the leading edge of a tidal wave of small, “virtual winery” entrepreneurs. “We were just a couple of young
punks who wanted to make the wines we wanted to make and not answer to anyone. It was kind of difficult for 10 years, not getting
paid, each of us holding down two or three jobs. But then we got some traction with 90+ ratings for our Petite Sirah. And today, here we are — still buying grapes, handcrafting wines, still doing everything the same as before. We never buy bulk wine. We have one employee for marketing.” Their new Spring Street Winery venture focuses on Paso Robles and the
Central Coast.

Frequently Asked Questions on Scotch Whisky

For a newcomer interested in finding out about Scotch whisky it can be a difficult task to know where to start. This article will answer many questions that a person asks about the production of this product.

Three Classic Port Vintages for Drinking Now

Vintage port is a fortified wine from the Duoro region in Portugal which is made only in exceptional years. Typically only three vintages are declared as vintage every decade. This article discusses three classic vintages that are currently in their prime.

Is Wine Healthy?

Many days we wake up and have that feeling that today is going to be a rotten day. Sometimes coming home to nice glass of wine and enjoying the taste and aroma can calm the senses. Of course we urge everyone to drink responsibly. Enjoy!

Bordeaux – Home Of Courtly Love

Bordeaux is better known today as the centre of a wine region which produces some of world’s finest red wines. Known to English-speakers as claret, the Bordeaux reds travel around the world, their reputation preceding them. However, Bordeaux is also the home of courtly love.

Entertaining With Wine

If you ever wanted to have a party or simple get together and did not know what to do, try a wine tasting party. Invite your friends to bring their own bottle and swap! In this article we share a few things to consider when planning this kind of entertainment.

Cheap Wine Clubs: The Pitfalls, The Horror, The Redemption

I mean, who’s to say one wine is better than another? Every wine magazine out there is trying to tell you what wine to drink and when! The problem is every palate is different. So, my rule is: IF YOU ENJOY IT, THEN DRINK IT. I’ve tasted wines from around the world from high-end Screaming Eagle to Mom and Pop Chianti Classico out of a barrel with no label. In my humble opinion, cheap wine has a high place in this world and can arguably be better than many of the world’s most expensive wineries.

Built-In Wine Coolers

Under the counter wine refrigerators are appealing for several reasons. They don’t really take up any additional space in your kitchen. These coolers are not only compact, but are placed in a location where they can blend in. Plus, they can really add to the aesthetics of a kitchen or a room.

Eco-Friendly Wine Racks

Enjoying wine has just gotten eco-friendly. There are now a variety of wine racks which are eco-friendly and also stylish.

Easy Wine Recipes to Make at Home

I want to make my own wine and beer! Wine and beer making may be as old as civilization but it still holds the same fascination for us today as I am sure it did for our ancestors over a thousand years ago. There is still something magical about the fermentation process that intrigues us.

Essential Factors Regarding Wine Storage

Wine collecting was once the domain of fanatics with discretionary income and room for large wine cellars. But, nowadays, it has caught on as a common pastime with the younger generation.

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