Vinomofo meets Penfolds: The Icon Range

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Chief mofos Justin and Andre were jostling in the boardroom last week when the phone rang. It was the big dogs from Penfolds: “We’d like you to taste our new vintage icon wines before they’re released”. Cue fist pumps and heart palpitations.

Pinot Blanc in the Hierarchy of White Wines

Pinot Blanc wine has been grown in Burgundy and sometimes is mistaken for Chardonnay. THe two do share many similarities and, in fact, look identical. Pinot Blanc wine is often referred to as “poor man’s Chardonnay”.

Origin of Beer and Its Ingredients With Information on Health Effects

Beer is one of the oldest and most consumed alcoholic beverage produced by brewing and fermentation of starches derived from cereals. Wheat,corn,rice and malted barley are commonly used for brewing the beer. While brewing beer sometimes herbs or fruits are also be added to give flavor and color to beer.

How to Choose a Bottle of Wine You’ll Be Proud Bring to Dinner

Buying a bottle of good wine shouldn’t be stressful, or expensive. Follow these simple tips to finding a good bottle of wine and how to do it without spending a lot of money!

The Right Wine Can Tickle the Senses

What is it about wine that puts you in a good mood? What kind of feeling do you get when you’re about to drink a good wine?

Pair a Wine With My Food – Spare Me the Details

I don’t have time to learn how to pair a wine with my food! Can’t you just tell me what wine to get for my dinner tonight? It would be nice to know what wine to order at a restaurant!

Finding the Best Wine Accessory Gift Set

Wine is truly a wonderful loved epicurean beverage all over the world. It is a drink to be savored, with many different intricate, delicate or even bold aromas and flavors mingling together to provide a truly enjoyable experience. There are many different varietals of grapes, which add to the excitement because each kind of grape used has different characteristics and even the geographic location where the grape is grown can add nuances to the bottle of wine you end up purchasing.

Wine of the Month Clubs – An Exquisite Gift Idea!

If you have someone very special that you would like to buy a sophisticated gift for, say a supervisor or a very close friend, with very discerning tastes, a wine of the month club would be an excellent choice. Wine can make a great impact, especially when it is one that appeals to the recipient’s palate. With a wine of the month club you can introduce your special somebody to many new experiences that they may not have had the opportunity to explore.

5 Top Tips For Matching Food With Wine

Find out how to match wine and food successfully. Get the pairing right, and both the wine and the food will taste so much better. Here are lots of useful tips to help you avoid those nasty mismatches.

Purchasing Low Sulphite Wine

Sulphites are a natural byproduct of winemaking and has not been considered dangerous in small quantities. But some people are highly allergic to sulphur and therefore they should avoid anything that contains it. Also, when sulphites are added in high quantity to wines, fewer grapes are required to make a bottle of wine, thus making it cheaper to produce.

Local Brewery Tours

Do you enjoy drinking beer? Many people do, but how much do most of us really know about different types of beer and the brewing process? A local brewery tour is a good way to find out more.

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