Vinomofo interviews champagne expert Tyson Stelzer

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Tyson Stelzer is a bit of a legend. Resident champagne expert and all-round nice guy, we catch up with him to talk all things French fizz.

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San Francisco Wine Country Tours – Wine at Its Finest

For excellent reasons, wine country tours around the San Francisco area are some of the most popular wine tours in the world. You will have a unique wine experience when you take these tours. The San Francisco wine country tours which include both Napa Valley wine tasting tour and Sonoma Valley tour usually take a whole day.

Australian Types of Wine

Wine is produced all over the world and each distinct area produces its own flavors and types. Australian wines are becoming very popular and are making a name for themselves the world over. With wide-open spaces available in Australia, an enormous variety of wines are being produced with traditional practices, as well as contemporary and new types of varieties being blended and fermented as a regular practice.

A Few Popular Winemakers

Wine was one of the first fermented beverages, and a lot of its history can be traced through cultures the world over. Vintners as well as great winemakers and enthusiasts have been putting together flowers, grapes and many other fruits to produce a wine that can be served for celebrations, feasts, parties and the dinner table. Every region, winds up growing a very distinctive grape that when fermented and combined with different herbs or even brandy, compete the world over with flavor, taste, aroma, and texture too.

Tips For Wine Tasting

The wine connoisseur is easily identified by not just the way they sip or smell the wines, but also how they handle their glass, handle the wine bottle itself, and how they fill the glass as well. The actual wine connoisseur did not become a connoisseur overnight, but years of study, practice at wine tasting, and often increasing their palates recognition by tasting different wines, when they perhaps, would like to have something they know and love instead.

Introducing Wine

Wine has been around for many centuries, and whether it was considered the drink of everyone, or a luxury for a few, wines can be traced to the earliest history of man. Often used for celebrations, there was a time when wine was poured for the common man as a daily drink, but in today’s world, he’ll find winemakers who long for world class distinction with their favorite wine.

Storing Your Wine – A How To

While you may find the purchasing of wine a bit confusing, the storing of wine is really rather quite simple. You want to take a few considerations when it comes to storing your wine as connoisseurs of wine consider that the way it’s being stored is as important as how was made. The way you store the wine will designate how it continues to ferment, how it will end up tasting, as well as the alcohol content.

Purchasing a Wine Rack

While the manufacturing and storing of wine has been going on for centuries, they’ve developed a simple solution for a bit of family wine storage; the wine rack. You’ll find that wines need to be stored at a 45° angle once they’re bottled. This allows the wine to keep the cork moist and swelled sealing the wine in the bottle.

Red Wine May Hold the Key to a Longer, Healthier, Youthful Life

One day we may be looking at 80 years old as the new “mid-life”. Sound crazy? Not for long. Researchers have found that a compound in Red Wine may help boost cell life and efficiency. This compound is age proof and therefore helps the cells in fighting off age related illnesses, even cancer!

Learning the Different Aspects of the Vineyard

The subject of grapes and vineyards is interesting and varied. The vineyard has a long history, and is used for many other things besides making wine. Some people believe that vineyards have been around nearly as long as people.

Taste in Food and Wine

Is the taste of food or wine important to you? Do you remember the taste of the food when you leave a restaurant? Why the taste of food and wine leaves a lasting impression?

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