VINEYARD TOUR – A Day at ALBURY VINEYARDS, UK. Interview with Owner and Vineyard Manager

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VINEYARD TOUR – A Day at Albury Vineyards, UK. Interview with Owner and Vineyard Manager

Albury Vineyard is owned by Nick who planted the vineyard in 2009 and following his dream of owning a vineyard. Nick believes that key to the sucess of the wines is the vineyard’s committment to organic and biodynamic principles, together with excellent winemakers and his talented vineyard manager Alex, one of the few female vineyard managers in England.

Albury is a family-run vineyard, with Nick’s daughter Lucy now part of the team
Albury Vineyard is situated on the southern slopes of the North Downs in the beautiful Surrey Hills, just outside Guildford. The vines are the traditional Champagne varietals of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, as well as some Seyval and Pinot Gris. They are committed to producing organic fruit without the use of chemicals such as herbicides and fungicides, and produce English wine of the highest quality; a still rosé and quality sparkling wines.

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