Vezer Family Vineyard Shares Their Petite Sirah With Our Members

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Frank and Liz Vezér are helping to bolster Suisun valley’s reputation with
Vezér Family Vineyard. Their highly coveted grapes have long been
used in well-known wines, such as Sin Zin and Ravenswood. In 2001,
they established their own label to showcase their fruit. Their vision is to create wines that are dynamic, complex, and embody the classical ideals that define the world’s finest wines and represent their family.

California Sparklers: 3 Great Tasting and Great Value Ones

There is wonderful sparkling wine made around the world, and despite popular misconceptions, sparklers are great all around wines. They are not just for celebrations and special events, but very food friendly and versatile wines.

Some Great Reasons to Drink Champagne

Champagne is a very misunderstood beverage by most people. We consider it as something for celebrations like graduations, weddings, and Christenings, and it is great for those special events in life. However it is simply wine, and wine is for drinking. Yes, it is a special wine, but it is far more general purpose then most people would ever imagine.

Why Insulate Concrete Walls for Wine Cellars

In storing wines, a wine cellar is the most ideal storage area, protecting the wines under the most optimum conditions so it will not only maintain or preserve your wine collection but also allow it to age to its optimum potential, which is the essence in wine storage. A cellar or wine cooler, which could be in a form of a cabinet, or a room, or most ideally your underground basement, can store and protect your wine collection for a prolonged period of time against the three traditional enemies of wine: heat, dryness, and light. A…

German and British Beer Festivals

Both the Germans and the British are well known for their beer festivals and exhibitions, with the Germans having a more social approach to the event. German beers festivals are normally held in beer tents while the British ones in large indoor arenas.

Greek Wines Come of Age

Greece has a wonderful grape-growing climate, but it is only relatively recently that Greeks have been producing world-class wines. Now Greek wines are more diverse than ever before and are well-worth tasting.

Wine Refrigerator Vs A Regular Fridge

In recent years, more and more people have come to appreciate wines and pair them with their meal. But sadly, there’s still some who have the misconceptions that reds don’t have to be refrigerated and it’s okay to store white wines in a regular fridge. It’s even become a typical scene to see occasionally a bottle or two of white wine in a regular fridge of every typical middle class home.

Wine Is Your Go-To Gift for Various Occasions

Know why wines are good gifts to give for various occasions. You can also know more about choosing the right type of wines to give to your family, friends, and colleagues. Read this article for more insight.

How-To: Do a Comparative Wine Tasting

To learn more about wine, it can be useful to do a tasting of similar wines to compare and contrast. A vertical tasting compares the same type of wine (varietal) from a single producer from different vintages. So, Chateau XYZ Chardonnay 2007, 2009, 2011.

Food and Champagne

Wine goes extremely well with food, and in many cultures having wine without food is very uncommon. Somehow however we tend to forget that Champagne is wine, although perhaps the wine most enshrouded in mystique, and that it goes very well with food. In fact it is one of the most food friendly wines in the world, going well with just about everything except for big red meat dishes.

A Response To An Issue of Wine Packaging Costs – Polylaminate Capsules

Packaging costs of wine are a function of: Established house brands versus a planned new entry, volume of the run, target cost of the wine, image/branding objectives and competition. A person planning for a premium brand launch can always reduce unit cost by increasing production and compromising on component quality.

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