Valle de Inez, Another Discovery from The California Wine Club

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In 2016, Doug Margerum introduced Valle de Inez (which translates as Santa Ynez Valley), as a sister brand of Margerum Wine Company. With this wine brand he explores the options of blending across California appellations. It embraces the spirit of collaboration and it references his relationship with producers that enables him to bring these wines to market.

Why You Need To Look Out For Good Quality Wines

Wine is gaining recognition among many people due to its wide range of health benefits. Moderate wine consumption reduces the risk of heart disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, hypertension, kidney stones and even cancer.

Red Wine Run-Down

Like a bitter bite to your wine? Have a taste for the richer, darker side of the bottle? If white wines just aren’t your thing, you’re a pure-bred red lover, or you’re just curious about what makes the different red wines stand out among the spectrum of vintage flavors, this quick run-down will tell you everything you need to know about reds, from sweet to dry and light to dark.

Wine: A Brief History

Whether you prefer Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, White Zinfandel, or any kind of vintage, one thing all wines have in common is that the origin of the tasty fermentation dates back further than just about any man-made beverage in existence. The earliest historians have been able to trace wine to is roughly 6,000 BC, around 8,000 years ago in what we know today as the country of Georgia. From there the “nectar of the gods” moves throughout Europe, spreading to the more commonly attributed countries like Greece and Rome some 1,500 years later, hence Bacchus and…

That Great Gift of Nature We Call – WINE! (Part 2)

The second of two articles on the discovery, history and culture of wine. Exploring the methods of making different varieties of wine.

Three Factors To Consider While Organizing A Food Festival

Are you a restaurateur? Remember, organizing a food festival is an effective strategy you can take to attract customers or foodies to your business. While on one hand you can offer them food prepared by the finest chefs of your restaurant, make them appreciate the quality, and make them your customers; on the other, you can extend your business and make a large number of customers both in your city and from other cities.

Danby Wine Refrigerators

Danby has stood the test of time. They were founded back in 1947 and started off producing small electrical appliances. A company that is in business that long shows that they care about their customers and do things the right way. They also care about their environment, as all their products passed all the environmental safety tests, and has received recognition from the CSA, NRTL, UL, and ETL.

What Five Questions Help In Selecting the Right Wine?

Know who, what, when, where and why when selecting a wine. Answers to these questions will lead you to the right section of the wine store and hopefully, to that outstanding bottle.

How to Drink Wine

Who knew that there was a certain way to drink wine? I sure didn’t, but know I have a little more knowledge about it. All depends on the glass and temperature of the wine. Enjoy our article and indulge in some wine tasting!

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