Update on Napa Fires and Covid-19 Restrictions 10/22/2020

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Just a current update on the Napa Valley fires and the Covid’19 restrictions and whether or not wineries and restaurants are open.

Tips On How To Choose A Gift Wine

Wine makes a fantastic gift, one that can be enjoyed by both giver and recipient or saved for a special moment. You don’t have to worry about wine being the right size or spending an eternity at the back of a closet. If you’re considering giving the gift of wine, here are a few tips for making your choice and a quick breakdown of the different types of wine available.

Absinthe – The Most Legendary Beverage

Throughout the history of alcoholic beverages, there can be none more legendary than absinthe. Most people probably have a basic awareness that absinthe exists, but the majority of them know few true facts about the liquor, and a mere fraction of them have enjoyed a glass of this mysterious drink. Therefore, this article will present to the reader the facts about this legendary liquor, as well as looking back at its illustrious past.

Accessories You Can Use to Improve Your Enjoyment of Wine

Wine preparation and tasting is an intricate and highly evolved practice. It involves understanding the chemical makeup of the wine, its temperature, its aeration, and how all of this relates to the flavor. It also involves a tradition of elegance, in which tasting a new wine is more than a drink, it is an event in which everyone and everything around you participates.

Oak Wine Barrels – A Short History

The oak wine barrels appear to have been discovered by chance as the best way of producing wine. Coopers made the barrels and the discussion about the best quality oak lingers on.

Port and Food – Have a Go!

There must be some great food and port combinations. Here are a few suggestions and one never knows until one has a go!

Serving Champagne

Champagne is the symbol of celebrations and happiness, and joyfulness. You can say that it is the symbol of life. And Dom Perignon is the symbol of champagne. It’s as simple as that. So, the question is how should such a exquisite drink be served? Serving Dom Perignon champagne should be considered almost a ritual.

Homebrew Aging and Lagering

Home brewers like to experiment, but if we start mixing and matching yeasts without first understanding how they work then we are doing ourselves a great disservice. Ales are not lagered, and you cannot produce a traditional ale with lager yeast, or a lager with ale yeast. Those are hybrids.

Join a Wine of the Month Club for Great Wines

Wine of the Month clubs are organizations that specialize in finding the best wine available in the world. Wine has been enjoyed for centuries, and it seems that for every vineyard, a new taste is discovered. There are numerous varieties with unique aromas, flavors, and characteristics to be explored and enjoyed. It has become a passion of many people to continuously seek the highest-quality wines available from the best growing regions of this country and internationally.

How To Make A Mojito

Learn how to make a mojito with the true art behind making an authentic cuban mojito – the muddle.

Wine Food Pairing – What Goes With Turducken?

What, you ask, is a Turducken….and why would I want or need to do Wine Food Pairing with it? Start a new Thanksgiving tradition with this Cajun inspired bird!

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