UNBOXING: They Make Wine in Nevada?!

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Wine expert, Madeline Puckette, dives head first into Nevada wine for the first time in this unboxing. What’s surprising, is these wines turn out to be better than she ever expected.

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Yes, it’s a little bit of a rant, but we couldn’t believe wine grapes were actually being grown in Nevada. As it turns out, there are a couple of varieties that can survive Reno’s harsh climate. We tasted:

• La Crosse (aka Lacrosse) – A French-American hybrid that’s reminded of Grillo from Sicily. It had super lemon-y flavors with hints of savory herbs and a wallop of salinity hinting at Reno’s unique terroir.

Full stat sheet on La Crosse wine here: http://spotlight.winefolly.com/wine/VT-AXCEPDRLY

• St. Croix – Another French-American hybrid wine grape that had super herbaceous, almost wet granite like notes along with green peppercorn, bell pepper and a handful of red berries.

Full stat sheet on St. Croix wine here: http://spotlight.winefolly.com/wine/VT-WFLJRGSCD

I was surprised how fun these wines were. They weren’t fancy, but they were lean and dry and squashable. Plus, they were made with minimal intervention in the vineyards and cellar. Keep it up Basin and Range Cellars!

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