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Traditional Scotch Whiskey – More Than a Drink

If you ever go to Scotland you should try the traditional scotch whiskey. Of course you can get it anywhere else, but drinking it where it originates from is another ball game altogether.

Choosing the Best Wine Making Yeast

Wine making yeast is an essential ingredient for any kind of wine, whether you are making wine for a large estate that produces commercial wine (which of course you would only do if you were suitably trained) or making your own wine at home. For this reason it is essential to choose good-quality yeast that will do the job.

Bring the Beer Home, Mess-Free

The craving for a cold fresh draft beer on a hot summer day is hitting you, so what do you do? You call up your friends, find a designated driver, fight through the crowds at the bar, and maybe you will find a seat if you’re fortunate. This situation described above has befallen each and every one of us at least once.

The Popularity of the Various Port Decanter Types

The Port wine is a great Portuguese style wine that originates from Douro Valley, located in the northern are of Portugal. It is a great red wine that many people enjoy drinking. Having such a great red color, the Port wine needs to be properly displayed in a decanter that will show its true brilliant color.

Spirits – The Two Main Groups

Whiskey and spirits involve many different processes at the production stage, and distillation plays the most important role here. Check out how it separates these beverages into categories and the ones you can find in each one.

How Do You Feel After Drinking Red Wine?

Is red wine good for your heart? People have debated about this for a very long time now. There was a time when everyone just assumed that all alcohol was bad.

When is a Vineyard Really a Vineyard on a Wine Label?

Many wine drinkers are familiar with the significance that location (source) plays in the marketing of wine. A wine label that has California vs another geographic indicator such as Sonoma Coast on it will potentially be viewed differently by someone looking for a specific growing area. The even narrower option that wineries can use on their labels is called a vineyard designate. In this case they use the name of the actual vineyard site where the grapes were sourced from.

How Accurate is That Story on the Back Label of a Wine?

Anyone who regularly takes the time to read the label on the back of the bottles of wine they drink is familiar with the ranges of information they display. Some are the factual style in that they tell the consumer specific details about how the wine was made. Others are more about the taste experience you can expect from the wine. Others still take a light hearted, almost self deprecating approach to their product and the sometimes over-serious tones of the industry as a whole.

What the Beer Mug Does to the Quality of the Beer

After wine and tea, beer is the most commonly drunk beverage in the world. Produced from grains, wheat and sometimes even rice or corn, beer is a beverage that appeals to many types and tastes in a wide range flavors.

Keys to Successful Tailgating

I was tailgating for the Carolina Clemson baseball game last week when I saw the perfect dog accessory. It was a “Tailgate Tested, Tailgate Approved” blue outfit that strapped around the dogs waist. It allowed for free mobility for the dog and it carried eight beers. It truly added to the tailgating atmosphere and brought plenty of laughs.

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