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A Keychain Bottle Opener

A keychain bottle opener is something that you should definitely have. Some people keep them in their purses or in briefcases.

Women and Beer – A Story of Love and Fear

“Give me a woman who truly loves beer, and I will conquer the world”. This quite warlike sentence, pronounced about a century ago by a quite warlike man: Wilhelm II of Germany, attests beyond any doubt the low affinity of those times between women and a manly drink like beer. But according to historians, things have not always gone this way.

Guide to Home Beer Making

Would you like to try to make your own beer at home, now you can. Home beer making is not as hard as people make out. It’s actually quite easy to make great tasting beer that you can be proud of and enjoy drinking once you know how.

Red Wine Aerators – Finding the One For You

Look on the Internet and in local and specialty chain stores, and you will find an array of red wine aerators. The materials are different, as well as size and design. However, all strive to produce an end result introducing the right amount of air to oxygenate the red wine and bring out the bouquet, flavor and produce a smoother finish.

Want to Know About Fat Bastard Wine?

Fat Bastard wine is nowadays very popular due to the fact that it combines quality with practicality. Although the name sounds very strange for a wine, it has a story behind it.

Know More About the Fat Bastard Wine and Mikasa Wine Glasses

Fat Bastard was actually a Chardonnay that had been somewhat modified by accident. Today, Fat Bastard is actually one of the best wines available in the market for a reasonable price.

Famous Types of Red Wine

Red wine has always been one of the most loved alcoholic beverages. The color of red wine is obtained due to its vinification process.

Number One Imported Wine in US – The Yellow Tail Wine

If you never heard of Yellow tail wine before, you will be surprised to know that it became the number one imported wine in the U.S. This was developed quite recent, in the year 2000 by the Casella family which has been producing wines since the 1820s.

Red Wine Tasting Guide – Characteristics of Red Wine

Red wine has general characteristics that you can look for to help you understand and enjoy it. There are some guidelines you can follow to help you observe the wine through sight, smell, and taste. This wine tasting guide will show you some of the general characteristics of red wine.

Arizona Wineries – Who Would Have Thought?

The Spanish Missionaries of the 1700’s were the first “Arizonans” to start producing wine in the region. Wineries scattered here and there survived through the years, but in the 1970’s, wine cultivation in Arizona really begin to flourish as an industry.

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