Two Nebbiolo Wines – Barolo vs Roero Riserva

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This week we talked wine etiquette, tasted a 2010 Barolo against 2013 Roero, and fielded questions from you lovely people. Catch us every Wednesday on Facebook or Instagram Live at 12:00 PM PT!

Benefits of Electric Wine Coolers

Introduction of electric wine cooler is one of the common trends that have been noted in recent times. They help to add an altogether different level of glamor to home furnishings. Such energy efficient systems make use of ozone depleting chemical substances that help to maintain the ecological balance of the environment. Although such units are specifically designed for wine bottles but it is possible to cool any type of drink bottle with such units.

Avanti Wine Cooler – A Perfect Choice

It is mandatory to preserve wine in a cool and perfect condition. By storing liquor in a fresh and ideal temperature it is possible to achieve the most outstanding taste and flavor. As wines are not like the other drinks which can be stored at any possible place, so the importance of Av anti wine cooler is manifested even more. Such types of cooling units make it possible to preserve liquor at a superior state.

Easy Rules For a Better Wine Tasting Experience

In order to become a better wine taster, there are some rules or guidelines you should follow in order to properly enjoy your experience. The first thing to do is to find a store that sells wines, preferably a local shop specializing in wines and wine tasting.

The Must-Follow Conventions of Wine Drinking

First of all, a wine should always be slightly sweeter and slightly fuller in the bouquet than the food it is paired with. Pairing champagne with dark chocolate, for instance, is a strict no-no. Common foods that are eaten with wines include meat, cheese and occasionally chocolate.

Learn How an Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack Can Save You a Ton of Space

If you want to keep your stemmed wine glassware from breaking, and don’t have much space to spare, you might consider purchasing an under cabinet wine glass rack. Learn more here.

Resveratrol and Red Wine – The Importance of Red Wine

Medical practitioners agree that wine helps in matters affecting your heart. The presence of resveratrol and antioxidants like the flavonoids has great benefits as regards health of the heart. Then, how is wine useful?

Wine Glass Holders – The Advantages of Both Wood and Metal Wine Racks

Most wine glass holders which call themselves ‘hanging wine racks’ tend to mean that the glassware is what hangs, not the rack itself. So, when they’re talking about ‘hanging wine racks’ they aren’t just meaning racks that are huge that are designed to mount above a kitchen island area.

Best Wine Coolers – Choose the Best Wine Cooler For Your Needs

In this article you will learn some practical tips to pick the best wine cooler for your needs. Learn what to look for in the perfect wine cooler.

Wine Buying Tips – Enjoy Spanish and Toro Wine

Enjoying good wine used to be for the rich only. However, times are different now. Wine drinking is not just for the rich, it is also for the mainstream.

Wine Glass Rack – Inexpensive Ways to Store Your Stemware

This is a good example of a wine glass rack that you could make for even less than $15. Just go down to Home Depot, buy a couple dowels of the right width, drill holes using the same size as the dowel in a row down the center of another scrap piece of wood.

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