Top Ten Napa Valley Cabernet’s

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In this video I run down my top ten favorite Napa Cabs. There are so many wonderful wines here in Napa. It was hard to choose my favorite ones. Please comment and subscribe and leave your top ten below in the comments section! I’d love to hear the debate.

If You Have Never Heard Of Ice Wine Here Are Some Reasons You Need To Check It Out

Even though there are many different wines to buy, one that is most unheard of by most is ice wine. Ice wine is a very rare form of wine, a wine that is made under very specific weather conditions. Ice wine is normally made in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, where the weather conditions give it the name.

Did You Know That Champagne Comes From Three Different Grapes?

Champagne hails from the vineyards of the French regions. If you buy a bottle and it says champagne on the bottle it’s most likely that it was made from France’s vineyards. If you didn’t get the champagne that is so legendary to the regions of France, you pretty much just wasted your money on sparkling wine.

An Intensive Look At The History Of French Wine And Winemakers

Wherever wine comes up whether it be a conversion or taste test, most of us start wondering where it came from. If you had ever studied the name of wine, such as Burgundy or Champagne, you shall find a log of wine. Burgundy for instance, we all pretty much know it comes from France, same as Burgundy. There are several types out there all coming from France basically.

Absinthe – The Traditional Way to Drink Absinthe

This is an article about how to properly drink absinthe, in the traditional fashion.

Magic Hat Hocus Pocus Wheat Ale Microbrew Review

I snagged a very intriquing microbrew just recently at my local mix and match microbrew six pack beer shop. What I was able to procure was Hocus Pocus Summer Wheat Ale, offered by Magic Hat Brewing Company straight out of of South Burlington, VT. This is the microbrewery that put microbrews in Vermont dead spot on the map.

Victory Brewing’s Storm King Russian Imperial Stout – The Perfect Storm of Stouts?

I’ve looked long and hard for the ultimate microbrew. Could Victory Brewing Company’s Storm King Stout be the holy grail of craft beers?

Wine Clubs Make Finding Exclusive Wines Fun and Easy

Wine lovers are simply falling in love with wine clubs that deliver exclusive wines to your door every month. These wines are hand picked by wine experts, who have a variety of palette preferences to ensure a wide selection of tastes sure to please any wine enthusiast.

Wine Cellar Cooling

Building a wine cellar can create the ideal environment to store your wines, however temperature is a major consideration in wine storage. If your passive wine cellar cannot maintain optimum wine aging conditions then you may require a wine cellar cooling unit.

Italian Wine Tasting Tour

A fun filled Italian wine tasting tour can be a barrel of fun and very informative as long as you avoid some common planning mistakes. Having done more than my fair share of wine tasting throughout Italy here are some tips worth noting.

How to Practice Sangria

Is it just me or do all of you, upon seeing a pitcher of sangria, open your arms wide and find yourself saying, “Come to mama.” Personally, I can’t help it: I am a sucker for anything that contains wine, including sangria. In fact, I wait for the days when sangria is mixed with H20 molecules and made to flow easily from the kitchen faucet. How bout it science? Get on that for me.

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