Top 10 Wines France is Famous For? The Best French Wine Regions – Part.1

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Learn more, Watch the video about What makes French wine special:

You all know by now that France is extremely reputable for the quality of its wines. I made an entire video dedicated to why French wines are, generally-speaking so good and about the factors that have made it so special in the world, and that have made it what it is today. You’re obviously welcome to watch it after hearing which are the best French wine regions. I’ll link to it at the end of this video as well as in the video description.
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But for now, let’s focus on the Top 10 Best French wine regions, those wine countries that have all wine lovers around the world dreaming about beautiful landscapes, stunning castles and succulent wines.
This is part 1 of a 3-part series where we first look at the 10 best wine regions, then we’ll look at the 10 best French wine grapes (like Chardonnay, Cabernet and the others), before digging into the 10 best most admired wineries in France.
Savoie & Jura
Languedoc Roussillon
Loire Valley
Rhône Valley


Bottling Home Made Wine, How to Do It

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Tips on How to Grow Grapes

Even if you are new to the avocation of homemade wine making, you have noticed how much fun it can be. You have also probably noticed that the quality of the wine’s taste is far beyond many of the brands available in stores. That is because the natural process of producing wine in the home eliminates many of the unnatural components that go into commercial wine making. However, if there was one component that can drag your homemade wine making down, it would be the need to purchase the grapes in the store. That means all the unnatural herbicides used when farming the grapes will find their way into your wine. Actually, this does not necessarily have to be the case. You could also grow your own grapes and, no, this process is not as tough as some assume.

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White Wine Making Skills

You planted the right grapes, the ones that you will use with your newly acquired white wine making skills. Your grapes have finally ripened and tested out to be at their peak for picking. You have calculated down to the time of day when to harvest your treasure. You are excited and eager, but now is the time to remember that it was patience that got you this far and patience will have you in time, tasting the best results of your white wine making efforts.

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