Tipping Etiquette in Napa Valley

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On this video I discuss the proper tipping etiquette in Napa Valley. Should you tip in Napa? Should you tip at wineries? I will discuss the protocol and about how much you should tip if you decide that you want to. Tipping in Napa is a choice and is not mandatory, but what is proper?

Wine Label Making

Have you ever watched any older “Drew Carey Show” episodes? Drew Carey and his friends spent a great deal of time in his basement, brewing up as much of their own kinds of beer as they could. Many times, they messed around with the different recipes, but there was one thing that stayed the same at all times. That was its name – “Buzz Beer”. What better way to commemorate your own hard-working trials and tribulations to the winemaking business, then to bring it all together with your very own labels! Yes, you can now buy labels to affix to your own personal bottles of homemade wine!

Principle And Practice Of Winemaking

Some people believe that wine can only be made from grapes, but that is false. Have you ever heard of blueberry wine, or strawberry wine? Yes, as long as the fruit (or vegetable) is of a non-toxic variety, then you can make wine from it! There have even been older recipes that made wine from fungus, lichen, and moss! (It may be a bit harder to find such recipes – or some people who would be willing to taste-test it for you!) Many flowers can make wine (IE dandelion wine), but always, Always, ALWAYS check out if it is a toxic brand of flowers or not! (Nothing like asking your friends, “So, what’s your poison?”)

Wine Making Tip

I wonder what it was like to have to learn a trade from someone who had learned it decades before. Did you realize that most parents already knew what their children were going to be, long before they had the child? In the olden days, a godparent was someone whom the child was turned over to at a certain age – usually to learn a trade for life. Now, yes, the life expectancy, and the possibility of losing your family to illness or other occurrences did happen as well, but the role of godparent was that of mentor for the most part.

Home Wine Making Step By Step

Everyone thinks that they can make something for cheaper and better than a local eatery can. Have you ever heard Eddie Murphy speak about his better-than-McDonald’s day? Eddie claimed that all of the neighbor children would run over to get hamburgers at McDonald’s.

Beginner Wine Making Kit

The best wine making kit you can buy, are the things you will find on this list. I also added a definition of the terms, in case you are not sure what it is. First, you need a primary and a secondary. This is a six or seven gallon plastic white bucket, and then either 6-7 apple juice gallon jugs, or 3 to 5 gallon carboys (a large glass or plastic jug usually with a handle and a spigot or plastic tubing at the bottom for drainage.)

Recipe For Making Homemade Wine

If you can think of a fruit, you can pretty much bet that someone has made a wine out of it. As long as it was not toxic or harmful in any way, you can bet that the same result goes for flowers as well! When beginning your search for a homemade winemaker’s recipe – then the easier the ingredients, the easier the wine may be to make. As any beginning entrepreneur should do, go with the types of fruit that you have had in a wine, before trying some other strange one. If you do not know what apricot wine has ever tasted like, then how do you know whether you have made something comparable to other types of apricot wines, or some strange swill that no one can swallow!

Wine Tasting Journal

Whether you are on an elaborate wine tasting vacation, or just enjoying wines at your local restaurants, it is a good idea to make a note of the types of wine you enjoy. Keeping track of the wines you taste and what kinds of food you pair them with will help you the next time you want to select the perfect wine. Keeping notes on various wines can also come in handy if you enjoy entertaining. Always being able to check on the food and wines you feel go well together means your guests will enjoy your wine experiences too. The best way to do this is with a wine tasting journal.

Wine – Taste of Home Made Wines

If you think of drinking wine as a bad habit, then you are about to make a new discovery. Home made wines are treasures natural juices from vegetables, fruits, flowers and grains. The thrilling part of making wines at home is the knowledge that out of quite commonplace ingredients, you are producing something which will, in time, be a delicious drink.

Making Modern Wine

As with any good recipe, it is best to follow the steps designated, at least until you become more experienced in making something. I do not need to use a recipe for pancakes – I’ve made them enough in the past couple of decades that I can do it simply by the sight of the batter. However, if you have never seen what happens when juice ferments and becomes wine, then it is best to follow the five basic steps.

Wine Making Course

There seem to many colleges nowadays that really enjoy showing people how to make his or her own beer and wine at home. One person took this a step further, and opened a modern winemaking business. He lines up a bunch of people interested in making wine, and spends the next year (broken into four sessions) teaching others the how-to’s of winemaking. Based in New York, Rich Mattina opened a winery called MYO Wine, which stands for, “Make You Own Wine.”

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