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Wondering the best way to travel with wine? Here are some easy tips. First, try rolling your wine bottle up in a pair of pants and simply tuck it into your luggage with your clothes. You must check your luggage to use this tip. Second, if wanting to bring a lot of wine with you, get a wine shipping case, with Styrofoam to protect it from the heat, and make sure to check your luggage at the airport. Third, call The California Wine Club, order 6 to 12 bottles and have them ship it ahead to your resort or hotel where you’ll be staying. Tell the front desk you will be having a package delivered a day or two before you arrive, and ask them to set it aside for you to pick up when you check in. Cheers from The California Wine Club.

The Profits In Bordeaux Fine Wine Investment Continue

Bordeaux is the European city where wine is available in the finest quality and is often described as “The Wine Capital of the World”. The wine investment business in this city is flourishing and Bordeaux wine investments are a major capital generation source which is fast becoming one of the most dominating businesses in the world. Investors who have stepped into this field have experienced a rapid increase in growth and have received a fantastic return on their investments.

Top 5 Alcoholic Drinks You Should Enjoy This Christmas

Supermarket chains have already started going all out on offers to capture your christmas budget, but rather than grabbing the discounted products or own brands you could treat your tastebuds to some of the most delicious flavours available on the market. Rather than selecting the most exclusive and inaccessible alcoholic drinks, here’s a list of tasty treats suited to any budget. So rather than drowning out the end of the new year, this Christmas can be one to remember.

Entertaining Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive When You Know How to Make Your Own Wine!

I was wondering what else I could do to cut expenses – I’d stopped going to the cinema, cancelled my premium cable channels and I hadn’t been out to a restaurant for months. There was nothing left to cut and worse, my life was almost totally lacking any fun at all!

Why Is Red Wine Good for Our Health?

The researchers all across the world have conducted various studies citing the health benefits of red wines. But, do you really have any idea that why it is good for our health? So, let me first tell you the fact that yes, red is very good for our health.

What Red Wines and White Wines to Drink, and When

This article is about what to drink, when. Red wines in the winter, white wines in the summer, and everything in between.

My Holidays Are Joyous and Stress-Less Again – Thanks to My New Skill – Winemaking!

I usually start thinking about the holidays around the end of summer. But this year I was dreading them! I just couldn’t afford all the entertaining and gift-giving involved and I was getting very discouraged trying to figure out how to cut costs.

Wine Making Supplies: What You Need to Make Your Own Wine

The home brewing of spirits, especially wine, has become a popular hobby for many persons. Before getting started though, it is absolutely imperative that you have the correct equipment. Below is a general list of Wine Making Equipment and steps to help you on your journey to creating your own personal vintage.

How to Make Your Wine Taste Better

Why should you store your wines at the appropriate temperature? Generally speaking common room temperature (around 75 degrees Fahrenheit) is too warm for all wines. Temperatures which are too warm, or for that matter too cold, can adversely effect the flavor and aroma of your wine.

I Can Give the Finest Gifts for Just Pennies – I Learned to Make My Own Wine and Champagne!

I’d always wanted to make my own wine but never tried because I thought it would be expensive. And with the economy the way it is I couldn’t afford to spend much – I’d already stopped eating at restaurants and going to movies. I was also ready to stop having friends over because even that was expensive after buying the food and drinks!

The History and Purpose of Decanters

The use of decanters for serving has played a significant role throughout the history of wine. In ancient times, wine, as well as several other products such as olive oil, grapes, fish, grain and other commodities were stored and transported in amphoras, a large ceramic vase with two handles and a long narrow neck and bowl shaped body. Decanters would be filled with wine from the amphoras and brought to the table where they could be more easily handled and served.

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