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Why Yeast is So Important in Wine Making?

Ever wondered why yeast is so important in wine making? It is responsible for giving much of the character to the wine, but at the same time can cause many problems as well. Controlling yeast activity and temperature is what winemaking is all about.

Save Money – Bring Your Own Bottle

Do you think that $10.00 is too much to pay for a glass of wine when you dine out? Would you like to enjoy a bottle of wine at your favorite restaurant without feeling like you’ve been taken to the cleaners? If you said yes, then you should check out a bring your own bottle restaurant near you soon.

Making Wine is Part Science and Art

There are plenty of vintners in Australia making some of the finest wine in the world as evidenced by the increasing numbers of mainland sales and worldwide exports. Australian wine producers are making over a billion liters of wine every year in all six states.

Awarding Wines – Encore! Encore!

Vintners often submit their wines to judging in competitions held in Australia and around the world. Judges consider the various qualities of the types of wines when making their decisions. They consider the appearance, aroma, flavor and body of the wine.

Preserve Wine in a Proper Refrigerator

Most of us like to enjoy a glass of genuine wine with our cuisine. In fact a social occasion is incomplete without one’s favorite glass of red or white wine. But the difficult thing is to preserve wine. It is said that as wine ages, its price increases! But then it is not possible to preserve wine correctly by most people.

How to Make Beer – Which Method Should You Choose?

There is no mistaking the quality and taste of fine home-brewed beer, it beats commercial brands hands down. But what is the best method of home brewing to achieve that result? Here are the main options and some key points to consider before deciding how to make beer yourself…

History of Wine Making

The history of wine can be classified into four periods: the Ancient Times, the Dark Ages, the New World and the Modern Days. Learn about how wine has evolved over the ages, from ancient civilization to the modern ages.

A Basic Guide on Wine

Are you confused about choosing the right wine to serve with certain foods? You’ll be glad to learn that most of the strict “wine rules” are out the window these days. Here are more relaxed guidelines to help you enjoy wine to its fullest.

Story of the Perfect Wine Glass

Drinking wine is always a pleasure but drinking with the perfect wine glasses is always going to make your wine a delight. So here is a guide to choose the perfect wine glass for you.

Wine and Health Guide

“Is wine good for you?” – perhaps one of the top 10 most regularly asked questions in our wine tasting events. It’s always interested me that this question is at the forefront of many wine drinker’s minds, and it’s clear this is linked to the increasing interest in what goes into wine, and how it is produced.

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