Thomas McCormack Wines Presented by The California Wine Club

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The Thomas McCormack family, originally from Scotland, has deep roots in California’s Sacramento Delta with five generations of farming. Fourth generation Tom McCormack established Dancing Coyote Wines here with his daughter Celia. The California Wine Club is proud to be able to offer wine club members an opportunity to taste handcrafted wine from Dancing Coyote’s Thomas McCormack Wines.

Champagne Brands: Expensive or Inexpensive?

Champagne is ideal for celebrating important occasions such as weddings and royal events. At this time, it is also one of the most expensive types of wine in the world. It is acknowledged throughout the whole world and it is the preferred celebratory drink choice for many celebrities, royalties and wealthy people.

Is At Home Wine Making Easy?

If you are considering creating your own batch of wine, then it is worth investing in a low cost at home wine making guide. It will help you navigate the entire process, make sure that you have all the right equipment, and also ensure that you don’t end up spending months waiting on a batch of wine that is no good!

What Home Wine Making Ingredients Are Needed?

With these simple home wine making ingredients, you will be well on your way to producing your first batch of wine in no time. By using a guide to help you through the various steps, you will be able to produce wine easier and make sure that it suits your particular tastes.

Why Home Wine Making Is So Popular

The ingredients that it takes to make wine couldn’t be any easier to find or any more affordable. Obviously, you need some fruit to start with but that doesn’t mean that you need to buy the most expensive grapes.

Easy Ways to Be a Home Winemaker

Wine making is a tradition that spans not just across the centuries but across the millennia, too. In fact, it is believed that wine making first started around 8,000 BC. So how exactly do you become a home winemaker?

Homemade Wine Making Made Easy

If you are thinking of entering the world of homemade wine making, then the first thing you should invest in is a good wine making guide. Although the process of wine making is easy, it helps to have a little guidance along the way. It may enable you to make more wine for less money and to do it with a lot less hassle, too.

Different Flavors to Consider for Your Homemade Wines

Many use unique fruits for subtle or bold flavors, and others blend a great combination of fruits together together for even more unique flavors. If you are making homemade wines, you will find that you have some incredible opportunities with your wine-making to really experiment with a variety of flavors.

Make Homemade Wine: Always Use Proper Corks

If you want to make homemade wine, you should always ensure that you have the right corks. This can help take your wine from bad tasting to superb tasting wine.

How to Make Wine at Home Effortlessly

For those who are looking to make wine at home, you will be pleased to know that it can be done easily and without spending hundreds of dollars. There are hundreds of recipes, and the one below is just one of the many.

Making Homemade Wines With Wine Kits

Before you begin your wine making process though, you need to start by making sure you have everything you are going to need. There are certain tools as well as equipment that is needed to make wine and with a kit, there still may be parts missing that you are going to have to get.

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