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Tom Meadowcroft’s life in wine is somewhat like the vine. His extraordinary wine experiences have shaped his character and approach to winemaking. He inaugurated Thomas Henry Wines in 2006 in honor of his father, who knew terrific wine didn’t have to be costly.

The Finest Barossa Shiraz Wines

People have various preferences when it comes to fine wine. But in Australia, only those with scarlet-stained teeth and indescribable satisfaction can tell you what the best wine really is in their country: the Barossa Valley Shiraz. It’s a big, bold wine that’s said to have revered the world over.

What Is Phylloxera, Which Has Destroyed Countless Vineyards Throughout the World?

Phylloxera is a family of sap-sucking aphids that includes the grapevine-devastating root louse Daktulosphaira vitifoliae which is simply referred to as phylloxera in viticulture. Specifically, it attacks the rootstock to cut off the flow of water and nutrients to the vine.

Best Wine Bars of New York City

The best place to rock at any time is none other than New York City. It is food hub and a paradise for people addicted to drink— wine, beverage and all other types. Number of wine bars in New York City is uncountable. The wine bars of New York City provide world’s best collection of wine. Try one of these and find out for yourself. These bars serve the customers every single hour of the day.

Are You Trying to Make Homemade Country Wine?

It is calculated that the first wines were made around 8,000 years ago. Studying the history of wine making is very interesting when considering this awesome hobby. Many people think you can only get the best wines from buying from snooty and uptight wineries.

Barrel-Aged Beer: Why the Popularity Boost?

Once upon a time, brewers had no other option than to store their beer in wooden barrels. Then stainless steel came on the scene and things changed considerably. Stainless steel offered numerous benefits to brewers – it didn’t impart any unwanted flavors to their beer, it was easier to clean and it was a bit more affordable as well. However, wooden barrels are making a comeback in the world of craft brewing.

What Makes Stainless Steel A Perfect Choice For Wine Barrels?

Stainless steel wine barrels are the new alternative to oak wine barrels and they are much better than oak barrels in many respects. Read on to know what makes them perfect for storing wine.

Beer Gardens – Microbrewery Craft Beer Basking In the Sun and Taking On Some Shade

Beer Gardens are large outdoor spaces with community seating where food and beer are paired together. The area is shaded by trees with gravel under your feet and benches where groups can gather. It’s an outdoor setting made for those in the beer community and is quickly becoming the new buzz in the states.

What Makes Wine Dry?

How can anything that is wet, is drinkable, is refreshing, be called dry. In wines you find the term dry used to classify most red wines and even some white wines.

Regal Champagne-Centric Gift Sets for St. Patrick’s Day

Champagnes are traditionally associated with all memorable occasions, and St. Patrick’s Day is indeed one of the most widely celebrated ones for those having Irish Ancestry. In New York alone, the tradition has been in existence since 1762, in the form of the parade which is attended by a crowd of more than 15,000 people.

Tips To Keep Your Hip Flask Clean

Hip flasks are small containers that are used to hold distilled beverages. They are usually made of silver or stainless less. The tradition of keeping liquor in a hip flask that fits snugly into the pocket dates back to the Middle ages, and is popular even today.

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