The WSET Level Two Wine Quiz – WSET mock exam questions to test and quiz your knowledge

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In this video I test your knowledge WSET Level Two with ten questions,

The format of the questions are exactly what you could expect in a WSET examination and therefore will be useful if you are studying or if not, JUST FOR FUN!

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What Are the Laws For Shipping Wine Internationally?

Navigating through the complex world of international wine shipping is a daunting task. But this doesn’t mean that it cannot be done. It can be puzzling because laws vary from state to state and from country to country.

Tips For Building a Wine Cellar

Some people are amateur wine collectors, while others look at this practice as more of an investment. Once the collection reaches a certain point, it can no longer be housed only on storage racks throughout the kitchen and dining room. A separate space will need to be designated for this purpose and an individual should follow certain tips for building a wine cellar.

Five Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Wine Collection

When people want to sell their wine collection quickly, they often times don’t take the time to do the proper research. The following articles discusses the top 5 mistakes that people make when selling their wine collections.

How to Properly Age Wine

Once bottled, wine has to be kept somewhere where it will undergo the ageing process in the right manner. This is possible where wince cellars are used. These serve the purpose of control and monitoring as the time required elapses.

Wine Calories – A Look at Average Wine Calories For Dinnertime

Let’s take a look at wine calories in a lot of my favorite, common wines. It would take ages to analyze every single kind of wine and what all of that means, so I want to start simple: look at the main categories of wines and how they compare to other food and drink.

Texas – The “Big” Wine Country

Texas is huge! It is a land mass of over 262 thousand acres that is over 800 miles north to south and 733 miles from east to west. The state divides into four wine growing areas: Northeast Texas, East Central Texas, Southeast Texas and Western Texas. Texas has a long history of wine production starting near El Paso in the 1650’s.

Wine and Fishing Pairing

I discovered there are principles to follow to get the right combination of fish and wine. The principles involved are the weight and texture of the food, the intensity of flavors, the need to balance tastes and the need to match flavors, unless a counterpoint flavor would be better.

Wine Goblets

Interested in learning about Wine Goblets? Then you must read on to find out more now!

Planning an Event With a Hired Cocktail Machine

There is nothing cooler than hiring a cocktail machine for your next party. Learn how to plan the perfect party by hiring a cocktail machine to have tons of fun with your guest.

Wine Cooler Appliances

If you enjoy wine and like drinking it on a regular or semi regular basis and are thinking that purchasing one of the many wine cooler appliances to keep your vino at just the right temperature, here are a few considerations that will make your shopping for that perfect wine cooler easier. Amount of Wine You Consume – Wine cooler appliances are meant to temporarily store wine so you are only going to want to keep your wine in the wine cooler for a few weeks or a month or two not years.

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