The World of Wine – Wine News for March 2020

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This is the ‘World of Wine’ for March 2020 covering the following topics:-
How the Wine World is coming together in difficult times
German Ice wine harvest
Cremants of Burgundy
Natural Wine classifications
Wine glasses perfected?

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Alcohol Causes Dietary Allergies – Is it True?

Many people who are allergic to alcohol suffer from contact allergies, also called allergies type. According to Dr. Vincent Crump of Auckland Allergy clinic, not only alcohol but some other components of wine like yeast and sulphur dioxide are also responsible for many allergies. Unknowingly, we blame alcohol for different types of allergies but in actual practice, people drinking alcohol free wine have also been found suffering from same allergies.

Green Beer – Not Just For St Patrick’s Day

An environmentally friendly brewery that makes good beer and is affordable…all in one? They are out there! Anderson Valley Brewing Company out of Mendocino, CA is one of them.

Fermenting Hard Cider

Fermenting your cider into hard cider is not a difficult task. All you need is the right equipment and time. The cider will ferment itself.

Magic Functions of Beer

In order to be beautiful and healthy, apart from appropriate rest and nutrition every day, there are many ordinary but very effective natural cosmetics in our daily life. And beer is one of them. Many people regard beer as a kind of beverage and mainly for drinking. However, it can also be used to wash our hair and face, which may bring you unexpected but very effective results.

The Economy of French Wine

If you think that all wine from around the world tastes equally as good, you may be right, only if you have not yet had a taste of French wine. It is perfectly fermented to go down well with your taste buds. The quality and taste is unique to its region of origin.

Buying Birth Year Wines For Your Kids and Yourself

Just think of how cool it would be to open a great bottle of wine for your son or daughter’s 21st birthday, a bottle from grapes from their birth year that you bought long ago specifically for the purpose. Or how about opening a magnum of a special birth year wine for their wedding rehearsal dinner or other special event?

Cellaring Wine For Beginners

Wine is one of the few things that can improve with age, but there are a few basic steps that need to be taken to ensure it will age well. The most important factors are the absence of light, reasonably consistent temperature and lack of movement and vibration.

Wine Tasting – Become More Sensuous

Wine tasting is one of those activities that call for patience, sensitivity and a heightened sense of taste, feel and smell. If you are a regular wine taster, then these senses are bound to get enhanced over time.

Personalizing Your Gifts of Wine

Drinking wine does not only give you the good taste and aroma of the wine but it also has many great benefits for our health. It helps prevent certain heart and other chronic diseases as well as other health complications. It is also known that the drink helps a person look younger.

Wine and Its Benefits

Wine is one of the most loved drinks by men and women of different ages. Special moments like parties, anniversaries, birthday, weddings and dates won’t be as special without a glass of wine. But wine is not just all about the good times, good tastes, and inviting aromas. The French are the ultimate proof of the health benefits of wine, especially in terms of prevention of heart ailments. France has the lowest number of people getting sick of or dying from heart disease and this is said to be attributable to the French’ traditional love for wine.

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