The World of Wine – Wine News for July 2020

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The World of Wine – Wine News for July 2020

This is the ‘World of Wine’ for July 2020 covering the following topics:-
– South African Wine Industry needs help
– paper bottle
– Runiart goes box free
– Canadian wine comes to the UK
– Porto opens large wine attraction

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Home Wine Cellars – Hard to Set Up? No Way!

You’ve got a few bottles of wine you’d love to keep for a while. You might even be considering buying a few more. But where do you put them? How do you store them and how do you get the most out of limited space? Don’t worry; it’s easier than you think!

French Wines – What You MUST Know to Avoid Confusion

Many people are confused over French wines because of the wide variety that is available. This article will examine four of the most popular French wine regions and focus on the types of grapes that are grown in the area that go into producing some of the world’s most high quality wines!

Matching the Right Foods With the Right Wines and Vice-Versa

Even though there are simple guides, most people are unsure of how to correctly match the right food with the right wine due to the fact they also don’t know what actually tastes good. This article will hopefully shed some light on how to actually choose the correct wines that will compliment the foods that you are eating.

Wine Aerators – Which Ones Are Worth Buying?

Wine aerators are a fairly new product. A few years ago when they first starting gaining popularity, you were only faced with a choice or two when picking one to buy. These days, there are easily a dozen or more to choose from and it can be daunting to sort through all the consumer reviews to find the best aerator utilized for wines to purchase.

Seven Most Popular Types of Red Wine

All red wines are made by growing and processing red (or black) grapes. Depending upon the type of grape used, the red wine produced may vary greatly in its color, texture, flavor, and aroma. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different red wine varietals available around the world. Among these, there are seven that are most popular and most purchased: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Sangiovese, Barbera, and Zinfandel…

Get Wine Direct From an Online Wine Merchant

In the event you take pleasure in consuming wine, it’s simple to get wine direct from on the internet websites. There are many to be found and each and every one offers you ordering ease and convenience. Get your preferred vintage delivered right to your home!

Popular Wine Regions of Australia

These days, Australia is booming in many different ways. The economy is very strong, and tourism is always growing. The fertile areas in the most popular wine regions of Australia have led to many vineyards popping up and producing wines that are among the best in the world. As a flow on effect, this has led to a huge increase in online wine sales. This article will discuss the best Australian wines in the most popular Australian wine regions. These areas have become very popular tourist attractions for wine enthusiasts from all over the world.

Wire Wine Rack – Holding Wine Bottles Safely

A wire wine rack is one of the popular liquor receptacles that is widely used in homes and commercial bars. Wine connoisseurs love the highly innovative and modular design of this wine stand. Aside from its main function of storing wine bottles, its charming appearance makes it a perfect accent for any table or bar.

Wine Online – To Buy or Not to Buy

Browsing web sites and clicking on links are definitely not the same as going in a cellar, picking up actual bottles and reading their labels. However, the convenience of being able to do your shopping without having to tire yourself from going from one store to another has made Internet shops popular, even for people who are expected to be quite discriminating like wine lovers. But before you start browsing and clicking, here are some reminders and suggestions you might want to consider.

Wine and BBQ – The Ultimate Faux Pas?

Can I drink wine at a BBQ? The grill is fired up and the smell of smoky meat fills the air. Can you really drink wine at a BBQ? The answer is yes but pairing wine with BBQ can be tricky.

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