The World of Wine – Wine News for January 2020

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This is the ‘World of Wine’ for January 2020 covering the following topics:-
The most viewed wines of 2019
Two Buck Chuck
Americans drink less wine
French unhappy at initiative to reduce wine consumption in January
UC Davis create five new grape varieties.

Link to 2019 most viewed wines

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Port Decanter – Decanting Port Wine the Proper Way

A Port decanter is an important wine accessory if you want to decant your Port wine. Read this article to learn how to decant your Port the right way without leaving any sediments into your glass.

Haier Wine Cooler Refrigerators – For Storing Wine

You will find many people around always complaining about the problem of storing their wine. So answer to this problem is quite simple its now your turn to buy your own wine cooler refrigerators. There are many brands offering wine cooler which makes buying a perfect wine cooler a bit trick job. Put I am here to rescues from this kind situation but providing some tips on buying Haier wine cooler.

Haier Wine Cooler – The Perfect Wine Cooler

There are many people out there having a collection of wines in their home and if you want to have bottle of wine always ready for use then its better to have buy your own wine cooler. Now wine coolers are getting more reasonably priced because of people considering it as basic appliances for their home, kitchens or wine rooms. So they can get chilled wine ready to drink anytime to satisfy their taste buds. So now it’s your turn to be a proud owner of your own Haier Wine Cooler.

Finding Wine Related Gifts For Wine Lovers and Connoisseurs

Buying wine related gifts seems very easy for some, yet for others is a difficult task to achieve. Read this article to learn some of the best ideas for wine related gifts to give to your friends.

How to Pick a Bottle of Wine

Many people drink wine or cook with wine regularly but do not have any real knowledge of how to select a good wine. This article will cover the information you need to develop some expertise in wine selection.

Wine and Food Baskets Are Easy to Give

If you are looking for a gift idea, it does not get any easier than picking out a wine and food basket. The wines and foods are already matched and attractively packaged. You just need to add a personal message to the gift tag.

Why Buying a Wine Making Kit is Wise

The market is full of numerous assortments of wines. But producing your own wines in the home will not only help saving money but also provide satisfaction of preparing it. You can make their best beloved wine in your house as it truly is easy and you can have fantastic enjoyment on this procedure.

To Cork Or Not to Cork? That is the Question

This article outlines the arguments about whether to use traditional wooden corks or metal screw caps on wine bottles. Cork is less environmentally friendly and may taint wine with a musty taste, but has more aesthetic appeal. Screw caps use resources that are more readily available and recyclable, and may also actually keep wine fresher, but carry the stigma of cheapness and lose the romance of cork.

Why Make Your Own Wine?

Ever think about making wine at home? Many people new to the hobby have several concerns such as: will it taste good? Is it hard to make? Do I need a lot of equipment? Read on for the advantages of making wine at home.

Make Your Own Wine – Complete Home Winemaker’s Inner Circle Review

Many people love drinking wine, myself included, but the thought of making your own wine seems either daunting or not worth the effort with a high possibility of a bad tasting outcome. There is now an e-book guide available that explains what you need to know to succeed as a home winemaker. Read on for a full review.

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