The World of Wine – Wine News for February 2020

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This is the ‘World of Wine’ for February 2020 covering the following topics:-
Sexy Wine gets banned
Where is Chablis
Wine Cocktails
Too many grapes in California
Drone delivery

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Wine Decanter Types For Your Home Bar

A wine decanter is not only a highly functional barware item but also one that can be beautiful and charming in the hands of any person that likes to decant their wine. It is a very attractive piece that allows everyone to serve their wine the proper way to their guests.

No, It is Not That Kind of Cola

Many who are both inside and outside the wine industry are aware that there are often maze-like requirements which wineries must follow to just get their product to the marketplace. The approval of their labels is one of those hurdles maintained by the overseeing federal agency, the TTB.

Decanting Your Wine – Tips on How to Decant a Bottle of Wine the Right Way

If you want to improve the taste of your wine, you should decant it. This is a step that many people skip and then never realize how much they miss out on the great taste that a wine can get once it has been decanted or aerated.

Wine Tasting Party – Best Appetizers to Serve

If you like to get together now and then with your family and friends, there is nothing better than a well planned and prepared wine tasting party. This is where relationships are rekindled, where friendships are renewed and where everybody can relax and have fun. However what appetizers should you serve when you are about to organize a wine tasting party? Read the article to find out.

Drink Wine Everyday – Reasons For Being Beneficial to You

There are a couple of reasons why you should drink wine everyday and these are quite valid, researched points that many scientists and health practitioners agree upon. If you’ve ever wondered whether you should drink wine everyday or you should rather avoid it, read on to find out what are the benefits of consuming wine in moderation.

See How Alcohol Free Wine is Good For Your Health

The health benefits of red wine remain the same even alcohol is removed from it, this statement is given by the experts. Actually, the presence of alcohol in the wine decreases the benefits of the wine. An American journal of clinical Nutrition published a study in which it clearly mentioned that levels of catichins decreases because of the alcohol.

Modern Wine Decanter As the Perfect Collectible Item

For a wine decanter to be a collectible item it needs to have a couple of special properties, including it being useful, distinctive, beautiful, artistic, varied, stylish and a favorite with many people. First of all it should be useful as it should serve the purpose of decanting wine and pouring it into glasses before drinking. It should also be artistic and varied, which means it should not have qualities of being mass produced.

Lolita Glasses Serve Up Beauty and Good Taste

Taking the everyday wine glass and turning it into a work of art is obviously on the minds of those who design for Lolita glasses. No longer simple and mundane, a wine glass can now be bold and sassy, allowing the serving vessel to be just as important as the wine selected. Not just pretty stemware, Lolita glasses are each a work of art. At the ships’ helm of “Lolita” is a designer named Tracy.

Non Alcoholic Wines, Another Way to Enjoy Wine

Most of the drinkers forget about alcohol free wine or when they think about various types of wine they drunk or desire to drink. Non alcoholic wines are great option for pregnant women, designated drivers and for persons on medications due to some heart or some other disease. This type of wine is also good for those people who want to keep the taste of wine in their life without the effects of alcohol.

Differences Between Keg Beer and Cask Ale

Beer is the number one alcoholic beverage around the world. Many varieties of beer exist in the world of which Cask Ale and Keg Beer are two. It might be difficult for an average beer drinker to notify the differences between them but an avid drinker can easily tell them apart.

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